Monday, December 14, 2009


Again, have I mentioned that I am SOOO ready for 2010? Don't ask me what will be so magical about that year, but I have to believe it will be better than 2009.

A.) As you know, everything we have touched this year has broken. Well, last week those crazy 80 mile per hour winds (I *might* be exaggerating a little) flipped our trampoline completely over on top of the swing set that was broken by that falling tree. So it is still upside down as it will take more than just Brandon and me to flip it back up. And it's bent. Now the kids have nothing to play with in the back yard. Their very favorite--the trampoline--may not be fixable, and replacing it is not an option for us financially. The swing set is toast, along with the climber. We hope to use some Christmas money to replace those with 1 thing, but they will be absolutely devastated by the trampoline. It makes me so sad. :(

B.) In addition, our TV is dying. I do wish I was kidding. It seems like a small thing, but sometimes a show is the only thing we can use to keep Kyan from mauling the other 2. Again, hoping to use some Christmas money to replace.

Because none of this is enough, I went to tuck Braylen in the other night and I re-covered his feet with his blankets. To my complete astonishment (and horror) his feet are a couple of inches from the bottom of his toddler bed. That means Kynsie is too as she is almost as tall if not taller than Braylen. Needless to say Twin beds, mattresses and bedding were not in my plans or our budget for the near future, but now they have to be. If it weren't for exhibit A & B, this might be cause for celebration. Now, it's just additional stress.

Kyan does not appear to have any adverse effects from the anesthesia and seems to be recovering well. He is still biting, hitting, kicking and screaming. Perhaps that is the best indicator that little has changed? While I am VERY grateful that the anesthesia appears to have left him unscathed, I have to admit that I wished, prayed, dreamed, begged that this surgery would be the end of the aggression. And well it might be eventually, but I was hoping for immediate. If Jesus was in town, I PROMISE you I'd be cutting a hole in the roof and getting Kyan at His feet PRONTO.

Just for extra fun, Braylen is sick, and so am I for the 3rd time in 3 months. :( And I think I have a cavity! Can you believe it. My tooth hurts! I haven't had a cleaning in God only knows how long--2 or 3 years--no time for that nonsense, so who knows, I probably have a mouthful of cavities. Guess I'll find out tomorrow. Wish me luck! Better yet, prayers would be nice. I don't really believe in luck!

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Jon and Melissa said...

Do you want new twin beds or would you take used? If used is ok I may be able to find you a affordable or free one. Try craiglsist for the outdoor swingset.