Friday, December 18, 2009

Hello Friday!!

I have a TON of pictures to put on here except I don't know how to upload photos (yet) from the camera I got with my birthday. SO--Brandon is going to do that soon. Still, I felt like I should update a bit on us.

Sickness-Turns out my teeth aren't rotten...good to know, eh? I just have a delightful sinus infection. So my dentist prescribed *ANOTHER* antibiotic--yes 3rd in 3 months. UGG. I hate antibiotics. Good news is they don't make me crazy like they do my kids. So I am recovering. Now, all 3 kids apparently have sinus infections too. Same symptoms. Coughing, snots, etc. I am not giving them antibiotics though--and no, I am not a mean mommy, but their little bodies struggle enough. Last thing they need is to wipe out all good bacteria in their guts, allow yeast to go bananas, and thereby further weaken their immune systems. No one has a fever, so we are just working through it with warm mist humidifier, vapor mist in it, mucinex, and breathing treatments and they are doing great. Side note- I am also a HUGE fan of boogie wipes. I do not sell these or anything, but I do LOVE them. They work great. I have only found them at Walgreens and some Kroger stores. They rock. $3 a pack...worth every penny for crusty noses.

Kyan--the biting has chilled out some and I made a VERY disturbing discovery. My sweet, angelic Braylen is actually an instigator. Barbara overheard him saying to Kyan "Kyan, bite me. Bite me Kyan." over and over until Kyan finally did and then Braylen came running crying "Kyan bite me!!" big tears and all. Oh--this made me FURIOUS! So, I busted him doing it and he got in big time trouble. Now I know to ask Kyan if Braylen told him to bite him, because Kyan doesn't quite know to say "Hey. He told me to." So poor baby may have been punished unfairly. Just the same, I have seen it enough unprovoked to know that it isn't always the bitee's fault. So that whole saga continues. Kyan is still hitting though it seems to come in shorter periods and is easier to diffuse. Nevertheless, behavior is still the primary issue with him. He kicked, screamed and threw himself in the floor repeatedly at Braylen's school performance, which resulted in being removed several times by me (before the performance) and finally by Barbara during the show.

A newish obsession for Kyan is opening and shutting cabinets, doors, and drawers & flipping light switches OVER & OVER & OVER. That seriously wears me down. Like Chinese water torture...killing me slowly. You just can't imagine how annoying it is. It's a stim, and I know he can't help it, but MY LORD! He did this with doors, drawers, cabinets and light switches 250 times yesterday if he did it once, maybe more. CRAZY MOMMY!

Last night we went to Kyan & Kynsie's school for their Christmas party. Braylen and Kynsie LOVED it. We had pizza (took GFCF for the kiddos), which was fun. There were crafts that could be made but our kids weren't really interested. Then Santa arrived for pictures and Kynsie and Braylen were very excited. They waited patiently in line for their turn. Kyan completely flipped out--repeatedly--until Patty had to take him out of the line. Waiting in line was more than he could bear, AND we discovered he ONLY wanted to go on stage by the side opposite the line. Don't ask me why the strange obsessions. I have no idea but it makes simple things harder because he didn't/couldn't say "Hey! I only want to go up on this side." Who would have thought that was the problem? Once Kynsie and Braylen got to Santa, we got a cute picture of them, and Patty put Kyan on stage and FINALLY we got one with all 3 near Santa. Hopefully it turned out OK.

That is a quick update with us. Will do my best to get pictures and videos posted ASAP.

Sunny :)

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