Saturday, December 12, 2009


well, today was the surgery for kyan to have his tubes placed in his ears. i have to say that sunny and i were very nervous going into today because we did not know how he would react. i know that i figured that he would melt down, scream, cry, kick, and make a scene big enough to warrant a removal from the building. HOWEVER, nothing of the sort happened.

we prepared him last night that he would be going to the doctor this morning and so he was fine when he woke up. when he got to the center, he played with the toys and was just as patient as can be.

he walked back to the back and let them take his weight, height and temperature...not one peep.
we were there for about 2 hrs before the doctor got to him. by this time he was over being there, but even a neuro-typical child would have been over it by that point. the nurses came and gave him a practice mask to blow into...he did it. they came and asked him if they wanted them to carry him back or if he wanted to ride in the bed like a car...well, if you've been 4 yrs old you know that he decided to ride on the bed!!! it was at this point that sunny and i had to go out to the waiting room.

the nurses said that he was a champ. not a peep. the GREAT thing was that the anesthesiologist decided not to use any pre-anesthesia so as not to overload kyan's little system. he felt that this would give a good shot at a minimal regression, if any. it was GREAT! he actually talked to us like we were informed parents trying to make a good decision for our child and not like "i'm the doctor and you are the patient".

we really appreciate all the prayers. please keep them up as we will begin to see if there is going to be any regression soon.



Tothblog said...

So happy it all went well. Tubes are great! Maddie's are working their way out, but Preston's are still in. It makes a huge difference.

Jon and Melissa said...

Good to hear. I will keep praying. I am glad they did not give him the "happy juice" I forget the name of the drug. That through E for a loop coming out of anesthesia when he had his surgery almost 3 yrs ago. Wasn't the surgery quick it is amazing how fast they get them in and out.