Saturday, December 05, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine Clinic! SERIOUSLY???

I received a note from Kynsie & Kyan's school that they are holding an 'H1N1 vaccine clinic' at their school on Monday. SO--guess who won't be going to school Monday? That's right. I could sign a form saying they shouldn't get the vaccine, and I do believe my wishes would be honored, but on the off chance that they weren't, I would hate to have to kill someone. I mean really, do you want to see me on the evening news? No? Me either. I think we can all agree that I would cause bodily harm to any person that gave my child a vaccine, so it is best for all parties involved that my kids stay home on Monday. PLUS--those stupid vaccines will cause the children who get them to shed the virus, essentially making them contagious with the virus. So my kids would be SUPER exposed to H1N1. Nice, huh?

Well, here's the biggest irony of all. This school is for medically and developmentally challenged children and for other children who are high risk for one reason or another--speech delays, at risk family, etc. So the majority of the children at the school are fragile medically or developmentally, if not both. And what is the brilliant Knox County Health Dept. going to do?? Load them up with toxins and a virus with a vaccine that is controversial on it's best day. Personally I think it is INCREDIBLY irresponsible, SHAMEFUL, and medically reprehensible to vaccinate the most vulnerable among us. I called the Knox County Health Department to tell them just that. I have yet to speak to the Head Nurse who is in charge of this vaccination program. I'm not holding my breath on that one.

If given the opportunity, I will share with her just how irresponsible and shameful I think it is to put these fragile children at further risk. I will also encourage her to share with her superiors that they might want to look into legal representation for WHEN not IF a child from our school has a dangerous reaction to this ridiculous vaccine. I may call her back and just leave a LOOOONNG message. At least she will hear it...part of it.*Whew* ok. Got that off my chest.

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