Saturday, December 05, 2009

What's Going on In Your World?

Well, in our world, we are preparing for Christmas. Braylen is in LOVE with all things Christmas. He and Kynsie really like the tree and the ornaments. All three are LOVING the new Veggie Tales Christmas CD. It's really cute to hear them sing along.

Not that this will come as any surprise to anyone who reads this blog, but Kyan is back in the business of kicking, screaming, hitting, and throwing things all day long. To his credit he has added biting to the mix just to keep it interesting.

Yesterday we took him to the doctor basically to say "What in God's name is wrong with him?" and as it turns out, he has cloudy fluid behind both ears, and the start of yet another ear infection. He also has a yeast infection in his diaper area in spite of taking ridiculously strong prescription anti-fungals 3 times per day, plus prescription probiotics. I have absolutely NO understanding of how this child can have yeast. The worst news of all is that the doc wants to give him an antibiotic because he thinks maybe the ear pain is causing the crazy behavior and the funky poop. Oh...did I forget to mention that one? Yeah...gross. I HATE ant-biotics for a myriad of reasons, not least of all because I believe giving antibiotics just raises the risk for these superbugs that are resistant to EVERYHING. But for Kyan, antibiotics make him PSYCHOTIC. This is largely because antibiotics kill all the good bacteria that is supposed to keep the gut in good shape by keeping yeast at bay. So the yeast will go bananas, as if that isn't already a problem. So the vicious cycle continues.

I also had him check his tonsils, which have been a concern for a few years. His tonsils are on the large side of 'normal'. SO, as I was attempting to write that off as a non-issue, our pediatrician stated that swelling of the tonsils can cause the Eustachian tubes (drainage system for the ears) to have a hard time draining. This is further complicated by the thought that Kyan's Eustachian tubes in themselves may not be working well as it is. Add in large tonsils, and you have a mess.

Our doctor also said that since Kyan can't/doesn't tell us that his ears hurt, even when we ask, along with all of the other stuff going on, he really feels we need to see an ENT (EAR,NOSE,THROAT) doctor. He feels that Kyan's behavior may in part be a reaction to the pain he is feeling but can't express. And obviously his body is telling us something is wrong and we just haven't gotten to the bottom of it. Plus, the pediatrician acknowledges that since Kyan has such a bad reaction to antibiotics, but has frequent ear infections, we need to get to the bottom of this soon. I have an appointment for Jan. 5, but they said I can call for cancellations and I plan to. I do NOT like the prospect of surgery for our little man (because anesthesia presents problems of its own for Autistic kiddos), but something has to give. I am going to ask the doctor to consider putting tubes in ears, and taking tonsils (possibly adenoids) out. We can't keep this up. Please pray that the ENT can see us sooner and that he will be wise and make the correct recommendation for Kyan.

*Snow pictures to come later!*


Michelle said...


I don't know how to email through this, so I"m leaving this as a post although it's not meant to be. Anyhow, I read you use the energetic patches. I started using them on my ASD son for his yeast and as far as I can tell they've been working for over a month now. He needs ALOT less of other forms of antifungals. I was even able to drop the Nizoral. They also seem to be working for my 17 month old NT son who also has yeast.

Just wanted to share in case you're not using them for that. :)

p.s. I use the Aura brand


Liz said...

We've got biting going on in my world too. Not fun. I hope you can figure out something to help Kyan. It is so hard to always have all three kids on the upswing it seems.