Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Here is a sneak peak at our Halloween costumes. We have lots of fun planned for Halloween including school parades, trunk or treat and a fall festival. Brandon carved our pumpkin last night and Braylen was the only one interested in helping. He insisted on wearing his Halloween costume.

Braylen (a.k.a Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales)

Kyan (a.k.a Bob the Tomato--Veggie Tales) He's actually quite happy to be dressed as Bob. Less happy to have his picture taken.

Tonight we went to a Church Fall festival. Unfortunately Kyan couldn't go with us. He went to school today, seemingly fine. And then just as he got dressed in his Bob outfit for the Halloween parade, he puked everywhere. Poor guy :( When the nurse called he had a 101.5 fever. 2 other kids from his class of 5 went home today. Evidently a stomach bug is going around. No more vomiting, but he still has a bit of a fever. He eats, sleeps and plays. Doesn't act sick other than the fever. *Weird* But we didn't want to share the germs and we didn't want to risk him jumping around and getting sick again. So, he got to play with Grammy & Grandad while we went. He didn't even argue, so I guess he wasn't feeling too great after all. After going, I realize that it would have been hard for him to handle all of the people and the semi-chaos, but we still missed him. Here are some pictures:

Kynsie the Lady Bug at Fall Festival

Kynsie mid-jump in the bounce house. She's getting some air on this one.
daddy giving Braylen a lift on the inflatable obstacle course

climbing through the obstacle course

Loving the Slide

Family pic with one little guy missing :( Missed you Kyan!
Playing with Grandad after the Fall Festival. We are so glad he is home and off oxygen for now! Thank your for the prayers!

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