Monday, October 26, 2009

In the Way of Updates

Updates may be shorter and not every day for the next day or so. Kynsie is sick, but recovering. We took her to the ER Sunday night when her 4th day of hacking cough turned into a wet cough and fever. She thankfully does not have pneumonia, but evidently the ERs are packed with pneumonia cases that have same symptoms. Braylen is a couple of days behind her, so I expect his cough to turn and him to get a fever maybe tonight, but hoping against hope that he doesn't. I am sick too. :( Not fun. I don't do sick all.

Dad is still in the hospital. Colonoscopy today 2pm EST. Please pray that they find what is wrong with him. At this point they are running out of tests to run.

In other news, we had Kyan's IEP meeting on Friday. His teacher, OT, Speech therapist, a general special ed teacher, and the head of speech at the school were all there. It was a lengthy but GREAT meeting. They gave me a ton of information for helping Kyan cope at home. We are going to be re-introducing a visual schedule at home, but it will be different from the one we used last year. It will only display 2 activities--what is happening now, and what comes next. That way Kyan can't obsess about something that won't occur for hours.

We were also encouraged to reduce visual clutter as much as possible in the home, especially in play areas so Kyan can better concentrate on the toys and hopefully play more appropriately. That is going to be a task, but the OT, general special ed teacher and Kyan's teacher offered to come over and help out. We are so spoiled. I am truly thankful. Brandon and I are going to do some ground work and then they will come over and make suggestions.

Miss Amy also gave us some suggestions for meals. Kyan LOVES his veggy chips and we have been making him eat 1/4 of his sandwich before he gets chips. He does it, but screams the entire time. MISERY. Miss Amy suggested we try what she does at school. Kyan takes a bit of sandwich, he gets 1 chip. We did and it worked!! No screaming!! FABULOUS!! More work for us, but who cares?! Dinner is much more pleasant! YAY! for small victories!

They gave some other GREAT suggestions that I am sure we will share here as we implement them. At least now we have a plan, and I am excited about that.

In addition, Kyan is using a LOT more sentences and attention seems better. I think that may be due to the patch. His is raging and tantruming less, and I think that may be due to the anti-fungal. Time will tell.


Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope they find out what is wrong.

I'm also using the Aura patches on my son and am seeing a difference. We've been having a very hard time controlling yeast and the candida patch is helping out so much. He's even needing a lot less of the slew of antifungals he's on. I'm tentatively thrilled. We're also using the mental focus patch and he also seems a lot calmer. I'm going to try the other patches in the protocol.

Mindy said...

Glad to hear the meeting went well & you have so many great suggestions. I know this is going to sound weird, but wouldn't it be nice for every kid to have such a wonderful team who cared about them & wanted to help them become their best like the people who work with Kyan.