Friday, October 30, 2009

Mystery Illness

Kyan's fever left as swiftly as it appeared, around 8pm last night. Since he had not been fever free for 24 hours, I did not send him to school today, though there were moments I lived to regret that decision. Just the same, we try not to spread germs in hopes that other parents will make similar decisions. So Kyan was staying home. Brandon got Braylen and Kynsie up to get them ready for school and discovered that Braylen felt warm. After giving him a few minutes to cool off, we checked his temp...101.5. No other symptoms, but obviously not going to school. He missed his Halloween party. We gave him Motrin, but his fever did not break. By lunch time he was lethargic and said his head hurt. I gave him tylenol and again, fever did not break. We picked up Kynsie and proceeded to our already scheduled chiropractic appointment. Again, kids were angels. They love Dr. Sunshine because No Owies! He adjusted them and we were on our way. Braylen fell asleep in the van on the way home and still felt warm once we got here. we gave him Motrin and laid kids down for nap. Braylen woke up fever free and ready to party. It was CRAZY! He has a bit of a runny nose, but all the rest is gone. He told me his head doesn't hurt anymore. He ate dinner (no lunch at all) and drank milk before bed (refused before nap). In short, he is a totally different kid just a few hours later. I am amazed and thrilled at the same time. Will let you know if it stays this way.

For the record....I am REALLY tired of my kiddos getting sick. I am so ready for their little immune systems to heal. *Any prayers you can send our way for stronger immunity would be greatly appreciated!*

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