Friday, October 16, 2009

Big day Today

Today we meet a new babysitter, Dianna. We have been practicing saying her name. Kyan and Sis say it pretty easily. Braylen gets it right half the time. Other half he says "Eye-Danna". Very Cute.

Kids know they are meeting her and seem fine with that. They are pretty anxious about seeing "New doctor"--chiropractor today. The keep saying "No owies. No tickle my nose" That means--no pain and no flu tests. I told them no to both. I know the flu test is a no. Hopefully no pain either. I am a bit anxious myself. I hope Kyan doesn't scream incessantly. I hope we don't run Dianna off before we get to know her and she gets to know us. I also really hope we get some relief today. I am hoping the chiropractor can help the kids with immunity and with behavior and overall health. Pray for wisdom and patients for him. His name is Dr. Barry.

Pray for Dianna that she can see the sweet kiddos beneath the (potentially) screaming toddlers.

*I have been trying to upload pictures from yesterday since last night and blogger isn't cooperating. I'm going to keep trying*

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All About the Bailey's said...

I hope the girl works out and is a great sitter....
And what is Dr. Barry the Dr's first name or last?