Friday, October 16, 2009

Update on Today

Chiropractor appointment was awesome. Kids were angels. No a whimper. Did you read that? No a whimper. Definitely no tears and no crying. Braylen did inform our doctor (repeatedly) "No owies Dr. Sunshine!" Thankfully, there were no owies and no "tickle my nose"--flu tests, so all of my promises were kept. Dr. Sunshine said he was pleasantly surprised. He was pleased that they were so calm and it went so well. He said he had said a prayer himself about that. Prayer works my friends. He also said that "they are in much better shape than what I normally see with kids with Autism. So that means either they weren't that bad to begin with, OR that you are doing a great job. My suspicion is that you are doing a great job". Not to toot my horn, but that was very affirming. It's always nice to hear (even repeatedly) that you are doing the right thing by your children. That is especially true when the right thing/s is difficult, expensive, uncomfortable, unpleasant, unpopular, and just overall non-status-quo.

Dr. Sunshine adjusted all 3 kiddos and then prescribed one treatment that is a homeopathic patch that they will wear on their skin. We start tomorrow. I will take pictures of the patch and will give more information on it in tomorrow's post. Thank you for your prayers. I absolutely felt them today, and so did the children, and our doctor.

Oh--and Diana, the new babysitter is FABULOUS. Kids love her and she definitely picks up quickly. I am really thrilled that we have her. No one will ever take the place of Barbara, but it will be nice to have someone who has a more flexible schedule for times of stress and emergency. PLUS--we'd really like to go on a date some time soon. :)

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