Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Girls with Autism...This one is for our Kynsie

My friend Miranda posted this video on facebook and I felt it was worth sharing here. So often a picture, or a video is truly worth a thousand words. It's so hard to express on paper what living with Autism is like. To me videos offer a glimpse into our murky world. This video offers that, and also talks about the often untold story of Autism. The story of little girls.

Check it out.


Brandy said...

I don't recall how I came across your site but it has been very inspiring. Every time I read about something you are trying to do to help your children, I root for you and them that much more. From all I've read you are doing a wonderful job and are a strong person. I hope one day you find an answer for it all.

The reason I'm leaving a comment is I came across this article which I'm sure you have seen and immediately thought of you and your children. Its always good to have a little hope for what our children can accomplish no matter what life throws at them.

Sunny said...

thanks Brandy. I appreciate the support. That story is sweet. I'ts always nice to see these kids making the news. :)