Monday, August 10, 2009

Because Sometimes People Just Aren't Nice

We got an unpleasant surprise this morning around 2:30 a.m. ADT called to let me know that my store alarm motion detectors had triggered the alarm. Brandon went down to the store and discovered a gaping hole in my storefront window, and a trail of change scattered into the parking lot. Once the police arrived, they discovered that the thief had taken my cash drawer. Only $200, in cash, but still. The drawer will cost at least that much to replace. And the window will be at least twice as much to replace. For now it is being boarded up. :( Why can't people just go out and get a job and actually work for a living, rather than stealing from those of us who do?

the picture below is sort of hard to make out. The cardboard box was all that was available this morning to block the hole. It's on the outside of the window. You can look at the contrast and see the person-sized hole.
Bottom of the window and finger printing powder everywhere. the CSI got one good print, but no blood. So we will wait and see what happens.

The landscaping rock used to break the window.

Window and floor. Glass shards everywhere. Thankfully Kelly came by and helped me get this mess cleaned up. She also brought me lunch!

One more shot.

All boarded up now.

Oh well. Happy Monday. Oh and Happy 7th anniversary to Brandon!! Love you babe! And thanks for being my knight in shining armor who dealt with this mess at 2:30 this morning!


All About the Bailey's said...

So Sorry Sunny...hope things get back to normal real soon, it seems there's one thing after another... my friends house got broken into last night too...people are stealing left and wonder we can't trust anyone these days.

Megan said...

Oh Sunny! So sorry to hear about this. Why why why do things like this happen? Who was raised to think this behavior is okay?

You have a GREAT store! Thanks for the sacrifices in order to bring a store like this to Knoxville :-)