Saturday, August 08, 2009

Music Lessons

The kids absolutely love music, musical instruments, singing. All of it. I am personally thrilled that they do and we try to encourage their love for music as much as we can. Part of that encouragement is singing songs during bath and just around the house. We also play music for them in the van. We have musical instruments at home for them--kid version ones, but they fight over them like mad. We also have recently started piano lessons with a lady named Miss Penny. She is very sweet and patient and actually she specializes in teaches kids with Autism to play the piano. I am including a couple of videos from piano lessons and one video of Braylen playing harmonica with Daddy.

Kynsie loves the piano most. She likes to do her own thing though. We are really having to work at listening and following directions. She just wants to bang away and sing--LOUDLY.

Kyan's turn.

Braylen loves all of the other musical instruments that Miss Penny has. his favorite toy though is her Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales. It dances & sings.

Kyan checking out Larry the Cucumber.

Sing-along time!

One more


All About the Bailey's said...

Ethan works for Larry...he plays then he gets's his favorite too...funny.

Julie, Little One-of-a-Kind Design said...

So cute! Glad they love music lessons!