Friday, May 01, 2009

Vaccines--Just a Quick Note (poop mentioned)

I may post a lot today. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Here are a few quick notes from the conference.

Constipation--every person, adult and child should have 1 well-formed stool per day. When a person is constipated, a huge part of the body's 'cleaning' process is messed up. In addition to being uncomfortable, this can be harmful to one's health. When a person ingests or is otherwise exposed to toxins, the body tries to purge them. One of the main ways this happens is via bowel movements. So, if a person doesn't have a daily bowel movement the body continues to be exposed to that toxin is was trying to purge. So--everyone needs to poop daily.

If your baby is having constipation issues, you need to deal with them immediately. Usually it is as simply as adjusting the diet. Kynsie was chronically constipated as a child, and that should have indicated a problem to me, but our pediatrician made little of it and prescribed miralax. It did work, but Miralax, which is actually pretty controversial in the autism community. Not going there today. Once we took Kynsie off Gluten and Casein, she started pooping and her reflux (that she had been medicated for for 2 years) disappeared.

Often--constipation, chronic loose bowels, acid reflux, and red ring around the anus are indicators of food allergy or sensitivity. These are important issues to go ahead and address because these are issues that can lead to bigger problems down the road.

Probiotics keep the intestinal flora (bacteria) balanced appropriately and keep yeast at bay. Yeast wreaks havoc in the gut and thereby reduces the body's immunity since 3/4 of our immune system is in the gut. In a recent study babies given probiotics (10 billion live active cultures) daily (from birth) were 50% less likely to develop asthma by age 2. This is HUGE! For infants you can get powdered probiotics and put it on your finger, in a bottle with milk, or on your breast if breastfeeding. Many doctors recommend doubling probiotics for the time a child is on anti-biotics, and give probiotics 2 hours after anti-biotic dose.
*ALSO* new research indicates that probiotic bacteria do not colonize in the intestine and only last around 2 weeks so it is important to keep taking them regularly.

Tylenol & Vaccines don't mix
Acetaminophen reduces the body's ability to methlyate (shed toxins), so avoid giving tylenol after vaccines. Unfortunately, we gave tylenol before every round of shots in an attempt to be merciful, but we were unknowingly setting our children up for a bad result. So-skip the tylenol.

DAN! Vaccine Recommendations

DAN! (Defeat Autism NOW!) Vaccination Guidelines:
1. Use Thimersol / Mercury free vaccines!!
The only way to know for sure a vaccine is mercury/thimersol free is to
read the insert yourself! Many doctors still have mercury/thimersol
vaccines sitting in the refrigerators! And yes, mercury /thimersol
containing vaccines are still being made!! Be sure to be 100% sure!

2. Do not vaccinate newborns.

3. Avoid re-immunization with a vaccine after a previous bad reaction.

4. NEVER vaccinate ill children or children recovering from an infection.

5. Space vaccines - do not give multiple vaccines in 1 day.
(THAT INCLUDES vaccines that have multiple viruses! Split them up!)

6. Use single dose vials from which to draw up the vaccines as opposed
to multiple-dose vials which provide less uniform dosage.

7. Use inactivated polio. (the shot, not the drops)

8. Give RDA (Recommended Daily Allowances) of Vitamin C before and
after vaccines

9. Give a natural form of Vitamin A ( cod liver oil ) to keep RDA's at
level at all times for the age.

10. Separate the MMR into 3...start with measles at 12-15 months, then
mumps at 18-21 months, rubella at 24-27 months.

11. Do not give live virus vaccines to immunodeficient children.

12. Do not give vaccines if allergic to any of these components:
i. Yeast - Hep B
ii. Eggs - MMR
iii. Neonycian - MMR or Varicella

13. Hold off on the Varicella until 10-12 years & if the child is shown not
immune to Chicken pox.

14. Checking vaccine titers before giving boosters (Most people are
immune after one dose. We continue to get multiple doses that MAY
NOT BE NEEDED. Have them check antibody levels via titres blood

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