Thursday, March 26, 2009

oh what a week

so, here are some pictures from the birthday party that the kids went to. i will try to post new pictures here soon. this past weekend, sunny needed a break (as did I) and so mrs. patty and mrs. barbara decided to do 1 on 1 time with kiddos. patty took kyan (bless her...) and barb took kynsie and braylen stayed with mommy and daddy. so on saturday, we all left going on "special adventures". kyan and kynsie went to a park to play and braylen and daddy went to the zoo! pictures will be coming soon i promise.

well, when mommy got home that night we ate pot roast and potatoes or as braylen calls it "meat and tatoes." we then went to the mall for ice cream and to play on the little play area in the mall.

we checked on the other two and they were being angels (not the screamers that they are at our house!)

we thought we were going to enjoy a quiet weekend and then the other two would come home on sunday night. well saturday night was eventful. braylen woke up after he threw up in his bed and covered the place. so we had to strip him down and give him a bath at 4:00 AM!!!! we get him in the bed, but he continues to show us what he ate the night before. we had him sleep with a towel on his belly in our bed so that we could catch it when it happened. we still ended up changing our sheets twice before 9:00 am!! We ended up taking him to children's hospital and got some zofran for him and he was fine. oh and did i mention that he was running a fever the whole time?

so sunday night gets here and he's still throwing up. so what do our special friends do? they volunteer to keep the other two at their houses for the night. it ends up they were there through tuesday afternoon!!! what was going to be a three hour tour turned into a long time on the island!

well, tuesday kynsie started coming down with something. she threw up and was running a fever also. kyan has escaped this so far (knock hard on wood).

so we have had an eventful week and we are not yet out of the woods. braylen was still throwing up yesterday! UGH!!!!

here are pictures...

Kynsie showing me her pizza and saying "Say CHEESE!!"

Amy's party was a Mickey Mouse party and so the little ones got Mickey Mouse Ears...Here's Kyan

Braylen with his ears...also showing me his pizza except it was already in his mouth!!

Again with the showing pizza...not sure why!

Kyan eating his pizza.

Here is Braylen. He has taken to wearing my hat...i shrink it to make it fit his head. he loves it...he looks so big.

here he is reading with kynsie...actually she is reading the book and "allowing" him to sit next to her

aren't they cute?

more zoo pics and much more later...

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