Saturday, January 31, 2009

We Pulled It Off!

We think she was surprised. What do you think?

*Be sure to pause the blog music over to the right before playing the video*

Here are pics from the night. Unfortunately, we need a new camera and the pics I have of Mom are blurry. I also managed not to get any with Dustin, Suz, or their boys in them. I am hoping some friends will send me their pics so I can add them. Dustin and Suzanne got tables, chairs, all the food and cutlery, papergoods, etc. fixed, delivered and set out for the party. In short, they did the bulk of the work. All of the food was delicious and everyone had a great time.

Patty & Barb decorated the house and it was perfect. It looked great and the balloons were a hit with the kiddos.

Curry & Caden were responsible for getting Grammy & Grandad to swing by their new house. Great job guys! She had no idea what was going on.

All I had to do was arrange for the cake and invite people. I definitely got the easy job. Thanks to everyone who made this party possible. It was so much fun! And everything looked and tasted great!

Mom's yummy cake! It was white cake with strawberry filling and the real deal buttercream icing. It tasted like wedding cake! There are 62 candles on it!

Presents. More were added after I took this picture. So thoughtful!

Guests: We had 35 guests! It was wonderful!

Me and Kelly (yes the one I talked about in the workout post.) She has been my friend since we were 8 years old!

Miss Patty, Braylen, & Sis

Me and Brando

Mary Hatcher & her son, Sam
Richie Hatcher & Charlie. Richie has been a friend of our family since I was in middle school. His boys & wife are so sweet. We were thrilled they could make it to the party!

Barb and Sissy. Sis was a bit overwhelmed by all of the noise and people and she only had eyes for Miss Barb. Here she is drinking a little juice pouch that is so cool. It is water with a bit of fruit juice. My kids LOVE them!

Mandy & her son Colton. Mandy is my one of my oldest friends. We became friends when we were 4 years old.
Braylen and Kyan playing with Hutton, Mandy's oldest son. Her boys are absolute dolls, and so sweet.

Brandon cheesing it up with NanaPat-Suzanne's mom.
Braylen eating his GFCF strawberry ice cream. He was the only one who liked it. Sis & Ky did not. :(

Joan & Emma. I (along with almost everyone else) call Joan Mew. Sounds like Myuuu. I know it is a funny nickname, but her son Joey came up with it years ago and it stuck. Joey was one of my best friends in high school. Mom and Mew became good friends too. Emma is Joey's little girl. She is a doll. She calls Mew GranMew. So cute!

Laura, her daughter Kloey, & Kel

Mandy with her boys

Laura--she was my neighbor growing up. I have known her since I was 2 or 3 year old, and Kelly. :) Me and Mandy. If I had a dollar for every pic we have together, I would be rich.

Blowing out the candles. Our digital camera makes great videos, but not pictures. Go figure!

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