Monday, February 02, 2009

More Birthday Pictures!!!

My friend Laura sent me these pictures and I am SOOOO thrilled! First of all, mom is in them! Second, they are so clear that you will feel like you were there. And third, I (sadly) realized just how grave my camera situation is by looking at these pictures in comparison. :(

Oh side note. In case you couldn't tell, we had tons of kiddos there. At my last count, we had 11 kids. 9 of them were under age 4. WOW!

Enjoy the pictures!

Mom walking in the door!
Seeing the first few people
More people

I think Dad was surprised too!

This is one of my favorite pictures ever! We were hoping to get one with all 4 of us, but that didn't happen. I am still so glad we got this one. Love it!
For those who don't know: Me, Mom, & Dustin--my big brother

Mom and Dustin

Mom before blowing out candles

Making a wish
Mandy, Colton, Kelly, & Mom

Me & Laura. She is trying to dig up an old one (when we were 4) of us for comparison.

Laura, Sunny, Kel

Sis with Wayne (Patty's husband). We are so glad they chose to adopt our family. We love them!
Mandy reading to her boys: Hutton & Colton

Emma & Kloey

Me & Mandy

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