Friday, January 30, 2009

Please stop praying!!

I would like to humbly and insistantly request that whoever it is among you who (thoughtfully) prayed for me to have patience, PLEASE STOP IT! I know that your heart is in the right place, but seriously, you might be killing me here! We all know that asking for patience is asking for trouble, and I have my hands full as it is. So please refrain. Perhaps you could ask that the Lord would give me a day with calm children, or a lifetime supply of Diet Mtn. Dew. Or...perhaps a benefactor who wants to pay our medical bills. But please, oh please, do not pray for patience

So let me give you an update on yesterday's events. I got the kiddos in bed and watched a little T.V. I then began my new Dee Henderson book with plans to go to sleep around 11:45pm. I knew that I could sleep in (somewhat today) so I had planned for 8 lovely hours of sleep. It was not meant to be. Around 12:00am Braylen woke up and began stumbling into our bedroom. No biggy because he sleeps fine in our bed. I start to doze and at 12:30am Kyan wakes up crying. I go in and soothe him and leave. He starts crying again. We go through about 30 minutes of me in and out of his room. Ordinarily at this point, I would have put Kyan in the bed with me, but Braylen was already there sound asleep and Brando was gone. So it would be with 2 3 year-olds and 1 dog. Not a good mix as Kyan doesn't sleep great in our bed, and I was afraid he would wake Braylen. I offered Kyan water, rubbed his back, laid down with him, changed his diaper and then after a couple hours put him in the play room in a pack n play. He screamed his lungs out, and I was totally at a loss for what to do. Kynsie was asleep in their room, so I couldn't risk taking him in there and him waking her up. Braylen was alseep in our room, and the same concern.

At 5:45am I let him walk down the hall and he wants to go in our room. I relent and put him in our bed. So there we are, Kyan sandwiched in between me and Braylen. The dog was on the other side of Braylen sound asleep. Braylen stayed asleep and Kyan stayed awake but was at least quiet. That was all fine for 1 hour. Then Braylen moved in his sleep and Kyan screamed at him, Braylen startled awake and completely freaked out. Then he saw that the dog was touching him and really came unglued. He loves animals but is afraid of our mini poodle...go figure. Well, now both kids are screaming and Braylen is crying for Daddy because he is now on Brando's side of the bed and is totally confused about our sleeping situation.

I am left with little option. I take Kyan into the play room and put him in the pack n play. At this point, he has slept maybe 2 or 3 hours rather than the 12 he usually gets, so he NEEDS sleep. He begins screaming his lungs out and I had to just let him cry himself to sleep. I was done mentally and physically. My throat hurt and I couldn't breathe, and Braylen was now awake and crying. It was 7:45 am, and I 2 more precious hours to sleep before getting ready for work. I get back in my bed, and Braylen is wide awake. Rather than lying still like normal, he spent the next 2 hours poking me, kicking me, talking to me, rolling on get the picture. Evidently, sleep was not in the cards for me last night.

All of this would have been less frustrating if I weren't sick, or if Brandon were in town, or if we werent in the middle of planning a surprise party for mom (tonight). That was stressful in itself b/c she has never had a birthday party in her life and so we really want to make this one fun. All systems were 'go' until the mega ice storm hit, and they were talking about not coming to ktown for my dad's doctor's appointment today. God and I had a chat about that ice storm. Seriously, this is the only weekend that you could fit an icestorm in your holy schedule? Anyway, it has all worked out and they are in town and she doesn't know about the party, so all's well that ends well.

But again, please pray for us, just don't pray for the patience part. I am pushed to the limit as is. :)

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Tothblog said...

Marty and I pray together every morning before he leaves for work. He ALWAYS prays for opportunities to be patient. Drives me crazy!!! Then when we're on our way to church (late of course) he gets mad at the person holding up traffic. I rather enjoy reminding him that there is his opportunity. For the record, I check your blog daily. I miss you guys!