Monday, December 15, 2008

I am thankful

I know that this post comes a bit late, but I wanted to post the things I am thankful for. Admittedly, during thanksgiving, I wasn't feelling particularly grateful. In fact, I was having a really hard time finding anything to be thankful for. My heart just hurt, and I was trying to get through.

I was already on the road to gratitude but the thing that gave me the final push was the Christmas program at Kynsie & Kyan's school. As you hopefully saw on the videos below, our kiddos did great! They participated and were happy about it! Honestly, anything other than a meltdown was going to be viewed by us as a success, so their performances were simply miraculous and beautiful. I have never been so proud as a parent. In that moment, I was grateful for happy, healthy children. I was grateful for this school that our tax dollars pay for that provides my children with exactly what they need to succeed. I was grateful for my husband, my parents, & Miss Barbara who were there to watch our munchkins perform.

But more than any of that, I was grateful for the burdens that we bear. Sitting in that room with other parents, my children's problems seemed quite small. At the end of the program, they did the dance of the wheelchairs, and had this cute choreographed wheelchair performance. There were these beautiful children trapped in their own bodies. My children run and play and talk and laugh and jump. Sobering. Humbling. Gratitude met me in that chair.

So, better late than never, the things I am most grateful for:

1. All 3 of my babies can and do say "I love you, Mommy". Some parents of autistic kids never get that in a lifetime. I get it daily. Blessed.

2. My husband who is a wonderful father who is hands on and actively participates in our kids daily life. Thank you.

3. My parents. They have been a rock & a safety net for us during this rollercoaster of parenthood. We couldn't make it without you.

4. Patty-she doesn't read this, but what a blessing she has been to our family. There are not enough thank you's to begin to cover it. Late night E.R. runs, Zoo trips, Special ed meetings. Thanks for being there & loving our babies.

5. My store. I have a job that I love, and it is succeeding. Complete and absolute gift from God.

6. Brandon's grandparents. Thank you for your help and for going out of your way to be a part of our childrens' lives.

7. My warm house. Cars without payments. Food in the pantry. Clothes for my kiddos-thanks Cindy, Dustin & Suz! You have kept my children in clothes (and toys) and we appreciate it.

8. Everyone reading this blog. You are a part of our family and support system. Just by reading this, you are part of my therapy. You have provided me an outlet for my stress, and I appreciate your patience and support.

9. Hope. No matter what, there is always hope. I cling to it. It gets me out of bed every day. There is always hope, and I am grateful for that.

By no means is this the unabridged version of all that I am grateful for, but it definitely hits the ones that are on my mind and heart for today.

hope you have a grateful day too!

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Lucco Girls said...

I read your blog everyday. Even when you don't post a new one - I re-read the old ones. I pray for you everyday. And your blog helps me get through my days. It's not easy having 3 babies - especially at one time. But your gift to have the patience, hope and love that you project even through your writing is amazing. Your family is beautiful and I loved the video! So often I'm sure you hear "you're so blessed..." but today I'd like to add that not only are you blessed but your children are blessed as well. They have you.
Happy Holidays to you and your family.