Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fun Pictures

Well, we had promised to post the video of Braylen's program, but I don't have the heart to. God bless him. He was so excited until he saw all of the people. He walked to the stage looking at his shoes, and then sat down and put his face on the stage. When he teacher tried to get him to look up, he put his head in his hands and cried--sobbed, really. So the teacher told us we could go up with any upset children. I went up there to hold him, and he was so bashful. It was heart breaking. He knew all of the words and motions but could not handle the crowd. So, when it was time for the finale, we did not make him go back on stage. He sang and did the motions in the aisle in the back of the church. Poor baby. He is so sweet. So instead of video, I am posting some pictures of the Christmas party for kids and their families that was hosted by the special ed preschool. Also some random fun pictures. Enjoy!

Bless his heart. Braylen thinks no one should sleep alone-least of all him. Kynsie is a bit scared of the dark, and Braylen likes to snuggle. So we found them asleep like this the other night. :)

Sis at the school party.

The school had sensory tables set up for the kids to play in. This was the snow table. As you can see, the boys hated it, especially Kyan.

B eating dinner in the school cafeteria.

Sis "runnin fast" in school gym.

Kyan cheesing in his cute bear sweat shirt.

All of the school tables were covered with paper so the kids could color. Super cool!

Braylen LOVES ornaments. He undecorates our tree daily, and wags them around. He even sleeps with ornaments. He is a funny little boy.

Victory. He got it off by himself.

Finally all 3 on the couch. At least one is smiling.

Dinner together at the school.

Braylen is a tough bird to explain. He is totally neurotypical or 'normal' developmentally, but he is quirky as he can be. In this shot, he is wearing his bath towel, which he now insists on after bath. He is also wearing his super cool tye-dye beanie. In his hands you will see Snappis or "Snaffis" as he calls them. These are diaper fasteners for prefold diapers-used instead of diaper pins. He also sleeps with his snaffis. :) That's our boy!

On our way home from church last week.

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OKeedokey said...

I love the pics and the stories with them.
Elam has been into hand towels lately. Maybe it's a new trend us moms don't get?