Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Programs

So today we went to Kynsie and Kyan's preschool for their Christmas program. We had them dressed up so cute. Kyan was in a little reindeer sweater and green pants and Kynsie was in a cute little denim dress with a plaid collar and trim and her little tights. They were going to be STARS!!!

Well, Sunny discovered (before they left) that Kyan had stretched the neck of the sweater so that it was hanging off his shoulder like a 1980's t-shirt. So we had to just put him in a red button up shirt (still cute!). Kynsie on the other hand made it to school in her "Christmas attire" but as you will see in the video...didn't make it till show time!!! She evidently spilled water all down her dress and had to be put into her "spare clothes" that they keep at preschool. Her "spare clothes" are a faded pink sweatshirt and pink sweatpants!!! Imagine the surprise when out the door she comes and we are expecting to see her all dolled up and there she goes in a brown t-shirt, reindeer antlers and pink sweatpants...with her dressy black shoes!!! SO CUTE...and it made her easier to notice on stage!!!

see for yourself...her song was called "Reinder Pokey" (sung to "The Hokey case you didn't know)

Could you tell she LOVED it??? her "YAY!!!!!" at the end was one of my favorite parts.

After Kynsie's class finished, a couple songs later was Kyan's turn. We were a little nervous as to how he would do coming in and seeing all of us there (mommy, daddy, Barbara, Grammie and Granddad)...but he did great and was a HUGE standout in the'll see...

The little guy at the end was a cut-up as well, throwing snow on the guitar player!

I can not tell you how proud we are of all of our children (Braylen's program is next week...we'll have video then to!). Today was an AWESOME day. To see Kyan and Kynsie both on stage participating without having a major meltdown was HUGE! They are adorable and are great blessings to us all.

We wanted to share these with you. More to come later...


OKeedokey said...

So SO cute! I'm glad they did great! I can't wait for the next one.

Sue-Sue said...

Sunny, thanks for the Christmas card and the video. It made me happy to see the children. They seem to be doing so well.

Ms Sue