Monday, November 24, 2008

Just for Fun

So in an effort to lighten the mood, I would like to start a game. If you read our blog, consider answering the question to be a voyeur's fee of sorts. (That was intended to guilt you into answering. I do not deny it nor attempt to hide my intentions. So please respond accordingly)
2 rules
1. Don't go all beauty pageant on me and say 'World Peace'. Your answer should be tangible--something someone could actually give you.
2. Choose 2 things. 1 within the realm of possibility. The other a real stretch but still something you want.

What do YOU want for Christmas?
I will go first.
1. someone to clean my house every week.
2. An all-expense paid trip to Maui or Oooooh~ a tummy tuck. That's a toss up. If santa brought me either one I would be thrilled.
Yes I know I cheated by doing 3 but it's ok b/c it is my blog. :)
Please answer! Consider it your civic duty.


Emily Doss said...

1. A BABY....our homestudy should be finalized by the beginning of we'll see.
2. The Daniel Doss Band to be booked a ton for 2009!!!

Cherie said...

1. I want achauffer to drive my daughter to and from dance.
2. I want the triplets to be as loved and happy as they were with us.

Tothblog said...

1. A new rug to go in our dining room
2. A Nikon D90 camera with a 300mm lense

Jackson and Kendall said...

1. I probably wouldn't have thought of it on my own, but I would LOVE to have my house cleaned every week!
2. A minivan!!!

Brando said...

let's see...

1. for my wife to be less stressed and get what she wants for Christmas (i can help with that!!!)
2. a Nintendo Wii with Guitar Hero III or Tiger Woods '09.

Mindy said...

1. I second the someone to clean my house once/week
2. Win the lottery & pay off ALL our debt - impossible really since I have never even played the lottery :)

Annaka said...

1. a house
2. one of those huge beanbag furniture pieces. Unfortunately, without having a house we don't really have much room for such.

Anonymous said...

1)to get a C in my hebrew class...

2) for someone to pay off our student loans and all of my hospital bills from my back surgery last year.

-stephen cavness

Anonymous said...

christmas came early... #1 has been granted... praise the lord!

Lucco Girls said...

So I've been thinking and thinking and thinking and I think I've finally got the answer to what I really want.
1. (the reasonable wish right?) - a full day at the spa. I want a hot rocks massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, full body rubdown and whatever else they do at those places!
2. (the not so reasonalbe wish) - a flatscreen plasma TV. This from a woman who despises television but gives a little when daddy asks nicely if the girls can watch TV. Why do I want this then? TO SAVE SPACE! If it's hanging on the wall - I can use all that space on the floor for more educational things!!!!

Anonymous said...

since wish #1 was fulfilled early, here is my new one...

that someone would pay my speeding ticket i got today...1st one in 5 yrs. of living in louisville and 3 weeks before i leave...
*bangs head on desk*

-stephen cavness