Monday, November 24, 2008

Sweet Babies

2 happy posts in one day. I'm not feeling particularly happy today as it is the last day of regular preschool for K & K, but these pictures are so sweet that I have to post them. Last night Kyan went to sleep immediately at bed time because he did not take a nap yesterday. I kept having to go in their room though because Braylen kept getting up and messing with Kyan-who was comatose. Finally I told braylen 'if you get out of your bed again, Momma will spank." So, he gets out of bed AGAIN and I go in there and he was in bed with Kyan. I didn't have the heart to spank him for that. I had to get him out one more time and he finally got quiet and went to sleep. A few hours later when I was about to go to bed myself I went in to cover everyone up and when I got to Kyan's bed this is what I found.

Braylen just really wanted to be in the bed with his brother. It's so sweet. Normally it would just make me happy. Today it makes me a bit sad because I know they are about to be separated for the first time next week, and I dread it. But I am happy that they have each other no matter what.

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