Saturday, November 22, 2008

getting better all the time

Thanks to those of you who have prayed for us or sent nice messages my way. I appreciate it. It has been a rough week, but we are turning the corner now. Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday were basically useless days, but yesterday was better. I am finally coming up for air. We are moving forward. Just really needed a few days to regroup.

Yesterday Patty took Kyan to his new school to meet his teacher and see the classroom. He did really well and was happy in the class. No meltdowns-always a plus with Kyan. He also was cooperative when she asked him to do tasks--again a good thing. Patty will be taking Kynsie to meet her new teacher on Monday afternoon. She will take Braylen to his new school to meet his new teacher on Tuesday. Did I mention that we love Patty? She doesn't do the internet thing, so she won't read this, but just the same it bears repeating. Patty is a SAINT! We'd be lost without her. She brings a calm to even the toughest situations. She has been with us in some scary and trying times. We are so grateful she chose to love us and our kids.

On a totally separate note, I have a new location for my store. I can not say a lot about the situation except to say that it defies all logic that I am moving into this place. It is way out of my league, and beautiful. Not to mention HUGE-twice the size of my current store. And it is in Bearden on Kingston pike in a beautiful shopping center. The only explanation is that God has given me a gift. I am very greatful and still dumbfounded by it. I will post pictures here once we move in on Wednesday.

Thanks again for all of the prayers. We still need them. :)

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