Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

The kiddos LOVE wearing their costumes, even when it is not halloween. We did not take them trick or treating. They really don't understand the concept and the poor things couldn't eat most of the candy anyway. Darn those food allergies. But we got them dressed up for fun and we wanted them to see the trick-or-treaters that came by. It was SO cute. They got so excited just to go outside in the driveway to play with the neighborhood kids. I think that was their favorite part. The only downside of 5 toddlers on a small front porch with 3 lit pumpkins is that someone is liable to catch fire. Although Kyan's new giraffe tail did wander into the jack-o-lantern, we avoided a fire calamity. *Whew*

Kyan the Giraffe chowing on Fritos

This guy is going to take his paci to college :)

Sissy the flower

So stinkin Cute!

Braylen the Duck

A close up. Couldn't get him to look at the camera. We were reading his favorite book, Fluffy & Baron.

Incidentally, Braylen got so excited about playing outside at night in his costume with his new friends that he threw up :( Poor thing. But guess who 'caught' that one? HEHEHEHE.... I'll tell you this, it wasn't Mommy. :)

Finally, a tribute to Brando's handiwork. He carved 3 pumpkins. He was up until 2am yesterday morning. One pumkin was a silly face. One was a spider with a big web, and the other one is below. Hopefully we can post a pic with all 3 together.

I guess we just told on ourselves, didn't we?


Mandy said...

The kids lood adorable! Props to Brandon for the pumpkins I stink at doing that he did a great job. I hope you guys have a week with no puke involved :)

Tothblog said...

Great pumpkin! :)