Saturday, September 06, 2008

Vaccines Investigated in Infant Deaths & Measles "Outbreak" Fearmongering

Officials in Argentina are investigating 14 deaths of infants who received experimental pneumococcal vaccines produced by Glaxosmithkline. It appears that this is GSK's answer to Wyeth's very popular Prevnar vaccine which is scheduled to be given to each American Infant 4 times in their first year. Unfortunately there appears to be some ethical questions regarding GSK's lack of full disclsure to the parents of these infants, and language barrier issues. Odd- Couldn't GSK afford translators?

Here's the news article.

In other vaccine news, parents of delayed and non-vaxed children are now receiving heavy criticism from wise old souls like Amanda Peet and some government officials because of a 'very concerning' measles outbreak. Now let's get to the basics. Approximately 130 people have contracted Measles in this newsworthy outbreak. To give you a frame of reference, there are 300 million people in America.
People in U.S. who have contracted measles: 1-2,307,692
***So far, none of those people have died or been listed as having serious complications.

Acording to this article the odds of dying this year of measles are 1-300,000,000.
Conversly, the odds of dying this year:
By murder is 1-16,917.
Dying in a car wreck 1-84
In Swimming pool 1-6,031
In Tornado 1-60,000
Cancer 1-600

God made our immune systems for a reason. We are disease fighting machines. Childhood illnesses very often convey lifelong immunity unlike vaccines. I do not want my children to get measles, but I refuse to be afraid of measles either. My mom had measles and is just fine. So did most of her family and friends. I bet if you ask your parents, they probably had measles, mumps, and german measles--and lived to talk about it. Just some food for thought.

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