Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Skin Cancer Screening

Just wanted to give the update. I had to wait longer due to the holiday, but just found out. Her exact words were 'benign moles'. Sheesh. No fun, but glad I did it. Get checked!

This one is for those of you who have logged long hours under the glorious sun with me over the years. There are a few of you. :) Some of us have also done the tanning bed thing....shame on us.

Well, after 3 of my friends have been diagnosed with skin cancer, I decided I needed to get another screening. I went yesterday and had 2 areas biopsied. She mentioned the word melonoma, but just said it doesn't mean it it melanoma, but that the test will indicate if I need to be watched closely or if there is anything to worry about. Melanoma is not a word that I really like to hear in relation to me or anyone I know.

SO--I have a lovely week to wait and try hard not to look online or worry. Hopefully it is nothing. Just the same, I will keep you posted.

So to those of you lovely sunbathers, please get checked out. I may have somehow contributed to your deliquency in this department in years past, so this is me trying to do better. Get checked. :)


Jackson and Kendall said...

I recall one beach trip that we got sooo burned we could barely move!! I think your mom lathered us up in lots of aloe vera! Hope everything comes back ok.

Sunny said...

Yes! I think we had fevers from the sunburn. we stayed in bed for a whole day! As I recall, didn't we use that weird tanning bed accelerator foam stuff? We are 2 of the whitest people I know. What were we thinking???

beach memories...good times! :)

OKeedokey said...

Oh dear. I will be waiting along with you for the results.

Tothblog said...

I have an appointment in Sept. to get checked from head to toe!