Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School.....FREAKIN OUT!

Me, not them.

So today is the first day of preschool for the kiddos. They will be going 2 days per week from 9am-2pm. Today is the get acquainted day, so it is only 1.5 hours and parents come along and stay the whole time.

I am not there for a few reasons. First, my store is open, and I need to be here as I am the only employee. The truth is though, that I am just hiding behind that. I could close my store. My main reason for sending Brandon and Miss Patty is because I am so anxious about it, and I know the kids will feed off my anxiety and it will make it harder on them. I want them to love school. They have never been dropped off anywhere in their almost 3 years of life, so this it totally foreign to all of us. they also tend to cling harder to me than to Daddy, so I am hoping that him taking them today (and having Miss Patty there) will ease the transition. I have met their teachers and checked the place out before enrolling them. I feel as good about it as I will about ever leaving my kids anywhere. :(

So-here I am at work, totally useless. Having my own private panic attacks. I know my kids will be fine, but no one loves them like we do, so I worry. What if they don't see that my children are charming, cute, loveable and just fantastic? What if they are mean to my babies? They are my flesh and blood, I ADORE them, but there are days that I am ready to ring their necks. So how must a stranger feel when someone else's child misbehaves? I could list more 'what-ifs' but it will only increase my anxiety and further clarify why it is best that I sit here in my little hole until this first day is done.

Brando is armed with a camera and has been instructed to use it. (I also sent him with a list of questions--anyone out there surprised by that? It's called compensating. I'm trying to get as much information as I can so that I can further the delusion that I have some element of control over what is going on.

I off now. Going to breathe into a paper bag until I get the call that all of my darlings are safely accounted for in the van with minimum emotional scarring.

oh yeah, we'll post pictures later!

*EDIT* (and dad's take)

ok so i have to add "dad's take" about the first day of school. i was WAY more nervous than the kids. i had the first day nerves and the whole deal. it's weird that i felt that way as i wasn't leaving the kids there, but you never know about how they are going to take to it and if they are going to like it and if their teachers are going to like them and *whew* was nerve racking.

i have to report that i did have a list of questions to ask. however, the teachers covered everything that i was going to ask before i could ask it. and in case i forgot to ask, mrs. patty was there to save the day!!! THANK YOU PATTY!!! she went with us more for my support than the kids!!!

we got there and the kids went right into the room. we had a few minutes of the teachers telling us about things and then the parents were supposed to leave the room and go meet with the directors. (the whole time i'm thinking are they going to scream? are they going to melt down?) they were fine. they did not cry till we got back to the room. and of course that's when i tried taking pictures...someday i'll get the hang of this whole fathering thing!

here are some pictures...

Here is the gang in the stroller getting ready to go into school. I have to say that one they are in the stroller they are ready to go. you do not put them in the stroller and then go back to get the diaper back (which by the way, the only one i could find today was pink with white flowers...that goes lovely with a mini-poodle beside you...see previous post for clarification.)
Here is Kyan in the classroom. He loved it once he got used to what was there.

More of the class room. notice the big pile of animals in the floor...that would be Braylen's work. he would bring them to me and then tell me what they were and leave them in a pile!!!

here's kyan taking a break

Here's Braylen. I had him showing me his lion or Ya-eye-on as he calls it but he turned away at the last second.

here is Braylen playing with some cars and a ramp thingy...he was in love with the place from the moment we got there. he kind of did not want to leave!

And here is the only picture i got of Kynsie. i know, i time take pictures before you leave and come back. she was and is fine. she was just ready to go by this time and wanted mrs patty to say "iz ohtay". she really had a good time despite what the pictures say!!!

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