Saturday, September 13, 2008

School's in and haircuts are due!

well, school is in session. the kids are going to preschool 2 days a week now. and they are loving it. they go from 9-2 and then they go back to "mommy's store" for the rest of the day. we thought that we would post some pictures of the kids' school stuff and also pictures of a recent attempt at haircuts.

braylen we took to great clips, which is a hair cutting place just near the house. this was ok, but he was not into it at all. normally we take them to kids fun cuts where the chairs are shaped like airplanes or fire trucks or police cars...something to keep their mind off the buzzing shears. well, this place didn't have them and well after about 5 dum-dum suckers they were done. this was our brave kid and if he didn't do well, there was no way kyan would make it through that so i (brandon) said "hey, we have hair cutting shears, let's cut kyan's here". what ensued was starting to cut his hair with the middle blade (not long, not super short, but short). i thought we were buzzing his head. sunny thought we were "trimming it up neat" you see where this is going??? he ended up having a jacked up "high and tight" marine cut. one side was about an inch higher than the other, but looked level if he walked with his head cocked to the side. so we tormented him again a few days later to finish buzzing it and now things are ok... are some pictures...

( after looking at the pictures for school, all i have are pictures of their lunch pails with their name on them and their bags...but's alot if you think of taking 3 two yr olds to school.)

Braylen's Lunch Bag

Kyan's Lunch Bag

Kynsie's Lunch Bag

All of their bags packed and ready for school. we looked at regular back-packs and decided that $20 a piece was to much for 2 days of school, so we opted for target reusable shopping bags. i mean after all, it is mommy that carries them in every day! in each bag is the lunch bag, change of clothes, 3 diapers a piece, bed sheet for nap time (which our kids do not take...they sing the songs that are played for nap time and then say "yay...good singing".), pacis and blankets in the boys and dolly in sissy's bag and a sippy cup.

now the hair cut...

Patiently waiting...
sucker one...not real sure about this
being a big trooper

this is the best "finished product" pic I could find!

NOw then, look at Kyan's hair closely...LOTS of it...

This is the starting picture...this is how it first ended up!!!! not to bad, i mean after all...he is a cute kid...the bangs didn't look that jacked up when we finished and it you brused it to the side it was ok.
this is him now! much better!!!! and he is a cute buzz cut kid.

we will be buzzing his hair from now on and no, i do not want to cut hair for a living!!!

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Mindy said...

Oh my gosh! Brandon, Kyan looks JUST like you in that last picture!