Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Our Tulip Tree! I love it. had no idea that was what it was until it bloomed!

Kiddos playing in the back yard. They LOVE being outside. When weather cooperates, we go out 2-4 times a day!
1 side of the back yard from the porch.
Kyan on the move.
Kynsie at the park.
Kyan & Kynsie grab lunch with Ms. Patty
B checkign out his 15th slide.
Kynsie thinks she is hillarious! We agree. :)
B with his puppets, Horsey & Gator!
He's up to something...
K & K playing in the new ball pit Mommy bought for $4 at the church sale!!
This is fun!
Yes, those balls are all over my living room, dining room, and kitchen all of the time.
But those little faces remind me that it's worth it.
Braylen playing in the water works room at a local children's museum. This room was a hit! So was the train room.
Splish splash.
Kyan would have gotten in if he could only reach.
The castle room at the museum. *Note* kids are sporting the new museum shirts Mommy bought after playing in the water works room. Note to self-take a change of clothes next time.

Just hanging out in the play room.

Cutie Pig Tails! Daddy did this! Is he good or what?

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