Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Hostage Situation

Today was a rough day. Today was a day that would make most people drink. I won't lie, I thought about it...seriously. Instead I loaded up on Diet Mtn. Dew and counted to 10-A LOT. the day started relatively normal. Kids were somewhat cranky, but life was doable. The day progressed. We played outside, ran some errands, and came back home to get ready for nap. All 3 are fighting allergies or possibly a mild cold, so I expect them to be somewhat grumpy, but good grief. WHINING ALL DAY LONG. They just fed off each other. I admit I was thrilled when they began acting tired 30 mins before normal nap time. I got them ready for nap and had them in bed early. They all just went straight to sleep---right!

Braylen and Kynsie held a party for 2 while Kyan weighed desperately needed sleep and joining the party. For Kyan, sleep won and he conked out. Kynsie and Braylen continued shrieking for 30 more minutes. I went in an changed Braylen's diaper b/c he has recently decided that nap time is really poop time and he seems to prefer pooping in his nice, newly changed diaper whilst lying in bed. So, new diaper, both of them have been shushed, and out the door I go. More partying ensues, complete with jumping on the bed, shouting the ABC's, and lots of giggles and screams. I was SO, SO over it. I needed a little breather and some silence. Not today.

Did I mention that this is day 2 of the nap boycott, and that they were positively miserable yesterday after not napping? So, I was mad for the moment and mad for later in the day when we all would pay for this little suaree being held in the nursery. I decided to get Kynsie and take her out of the fray in hopes that a house divided would not stand. Wrong again. They continued to shriek and hoop it up even though 2 rooms, a sound machine, 2 wooden doors, and a hallway separated them. Is this some freakish triplet ESP or what? Well, by this time close to 1.5 hours has gone by and I have resigned myself to the fact that no nap will be taken by Braylen or Kynsie.

So, I decided they deserved each other and Kyan deserved to snooze in peace. I took Braylen into the playroom and put him in the pack-n-play with Kynsie. I figured they would either snuggle and sleep (yeah, right); play together without all of the screaming since they were nose to nose, or they might kill each other, but in any case, I would hear all of it, and could come to the rescue if needed. All seemed to be going just swimmingly for about 15 mins and then Kynsie let out the most blood curdling scream, and I knew only one thing could drag that sound out of her. I immediately ran to the playroom, and found that we had a serious hostage situation on our hands.

The Hostage,
A.K.A Dolly or "Dah-Yeeeee" when being screamed by a traumatized & grieving 2-year old

So after I rode in on my white horse and rescued Dah-yee from the clutches of the crafty Braylen, I further prevented such hostage situations from happening by confusing the hostage-taker. I threw 2 more Dolly's into the pack-n-play in hopes that if Kynsie had one in each arm, she might be less offended when-and I do say 'when', not 'if' her brother absconded with another. Sure enough, there was semi-peace in paradise once I provided the extra 2 hostages...errr...Dollys.

So nap time came and went without a wink of shut-eye for 2 of my 3. Here are some pictures of the criminals.


Mindy said...

Your dad told me I needed to check your blog to read this story. Hilarious!!! And, thanks for the sleep advice - it's getting better.

a wandering heart said...

I just may reconsider having Hannah and her baby brother share a room when the time comes after reading this post....

she has been boycotting naps some, too.

Hilary said...

I can't imagine the nap boycott with triplets. Malcolm goes through days where he plays in his room or cries or anything but naps. And I feel much like you. Those are days I call Josh and tell him if he doesn't have a pepsi when he comes home I'll be leaving when he gets here to go get one. I would tell him not to bother coming home if he didn't have one, but that would just punish me! ;)