Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

It is with GREAT excitement that I announce Cutie Tooties is now a featured part of a new local store. Nature Kids Mercantile is opening on Earth Day, April 22, 2008. NKM is a natural and organic children's store that sells a variety of items: kids clothes, toys, books, candy, toiletries, cleaning products, detergents, and much more. Cutie Tooties Cloth Diapers is a store within the store. It's such a great opportunity for me! I am really excited! If you come to Ktown, stop by.

Cutie Tooties Cloth Diapers (Inside NKM)

NKM sign at night.

Pictures of Cutie Tooties Area inside NKM


OKeedokey said...

Wow!!!!!!!! I am so impressed!

a wandering heart said...


Hilary said...

Congrats! I know that is exciting for you! Good luck!

Annaka said...

That looks so awesome! Looks like a great store all around. That's one reason I wish I was a little closer to Knoxville!