Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Progress Reports!!!! i.e. Brag time!

Well, there for a while I was getting good about blogging regularly, but life just gets in the way sometimes. :) Plus, with April being Autism Awareness month, there has bee n a lot going on, and a good bit of info worth posting that is not Hall family related.

So, in the name of catching up and doing my blogging duty, I am going to post at least 2 times in one night. I'm not entirely sure where I left off in the story, but this last bit will help catch everyone up to speed on where the kids are now, and all they have accomplished in the last few months.

First--progress reports.

He had a major language explosion last July and has been adding to it ever since. He has been saying his ABC's in order since January. He can count to 15 in English, and 10 in Spanish (still needs some prompting for 7-10). He has long known all of his letters, colors, shapes, and animals--and is happy to tell you their sounds. He has recently begun stringing words together: 'milk please', 'all done', where Grammy? (or whatever/whomever he is looking for); "yay Braylen!", "Shoes off", "for you" and a few others. He is really progressing well. He plays with his puppets ALL OF THE TIME. He even sleeps with them. He loves animals and has a good imagination. He's in a very fun stage right now.

Kyan--he has become a little chatter box. He had only a few words at his birthday in November, but now can say his ABC's and recognizes them visually. He can count to 10, and can count to 4 or 5 in Spanish. Kyan knows all of his shapes, colors, and animals, plus their sounds. 2 of our favorites are coyote and owl. SOOOO cute to hear him imitate them. He is also stringing words together: "all done', "go inside", "go to van", and he repeats everything we say. Kyan is also becoming more social. I 'caught' him and Kynsie today playing peek a boo. He was covering his face with a blanket and saying "Where Ky?" and then dropping it and saying "peek" and she was sitting in the floor infront of him just hooting. LAUGHING and LAUGHING. He was giggling too. It was really sweet, and big progress for both of them. Kyan is also playing with his toys much more functionally and letting us read his books to him, pointing out objects, etc. He's doing a great job!

Kynsie--this little girl has made SOOOO much progress in all areas. Hard to even know where to start. At her birthday in November her only word was Momma. She now says her ABC's in order, and sings the song. She counts to 15. Knows all her shapes, colors, and animals. And honestly she has the best speech pf the 3. Her pronunciations are pristine. She says: 'right back" (when we are leaving), "go to van", 'go outside', 'shoes on', 'good job', 'good girl', "Where Sissy? Peek!"--when playing peek-a-boo;'all done hair' (when she doesnt want me to brush her hair), she sings LOTS of songs and only misses a few words. It is amazing to believe that this is the child that I truly thought might never talk. She talks constantly now, and I LOVE it! Kynsie is also WAY more social. She plays with her brothers, and her therapists, and adjusts much better to new situations. She is also doign better in therapy. We are so proud of all 3 of them. Our journey is FAR from over, but progress is always great to report!


Tothblog said...

What a great update!! Love the pictures.

kjmoore865 said...

What a wonderful update!!! I am so happy to see pics of the kids. I hope to see all of you soon! Miss all 5 of you very much!

Annaka said...

That is wonderful! I am so happy to read this post!

a wandering heart said...

so glad to hear they are doing so well! That reminds me that I need to get back to trying to teach my girl Spanish.