Saturday, May 19, 2007


Cute Cloth Diapered Bums!

Read me a story Grammy.

I'm not really standing on the couch--honest!

Grandad time!

Cutie Tooties' newest employee.

Mom is a real slave driver.


Naked time on the couch.

Look at my doggy ears!

Happy boys!

Braylen kind of likes the new catepillar double swing.

Daddy time.

Kynsie's newest thing is giving kisses. She loves giving Daddy kisses b/c his goatee tickles her face. :)

Bath time is now a family affair. They hear the water running and all 3 come running to the tub. It is splashfest!

Kyan at the mall play area.

Kynsie with Miss Barb at the mall. (It was Miss Barbara's Birthday)

Braylen in the mall play area.

Our attempt at and Easter Picture with Cousins Curry & Caden.

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Tothblog said...

They are growing so quickly, and they are precious! You can tell by their smiles that they are happy babies!