Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sometimes kids can make you laugh. it never ceases to amaze me how funny they are. below are some pictures that show what i mean!

Braylen with his game face on.

Kyan in my hat and eating something...i call this picture "squirrel cheeks."

Fruit can be a very good thing...unless it's Blueberries...i call this one
"look...they're GRRRREAT!"

This next group of pictures are our "model shots"!!

Kyan posing in his fashionable grey, green and navy striped tee with matching pacifier and white diaper. his unkempt look is the rage!

Picture #2 is Kyan's "close up"!!

Here is our daughter...who is indeed a model. she is wearing a fashionable new tank top and swim diaper (that Sunny sells at www.cutietooties.com ) and for whatever reason on this day she was spunky. see pictures below...

"all smiles"

"look at me i'm the princess"
"is she really taking my picture?"

Here we have some pictures from a recent outing at the park...

some loved it others wanted to come home...however they do love outside time...

below is a video of the kids playing in the living room...hope you enjoy


Mindy said...

You guys teaching them sign language? Very cool.

OKeedokey said...

Gibson did sign language. It was very helpful. Haven didn't really, she just talked early. I'm trying to teach Elam, but it's not as easy with him b/c I'm distracted. anyway, enough about me!! Your kids are so beautiful. They are such a perfect mix of you guys.

Lauren said...

They are adorable! Just think... they are almost a year and a half old! Is it just me, or does 18 months sound really old? (I guess that's part of being a first-time parent.)

Addie said...

your kids are so adorable