Saturday, March 17, 2007

2nd post in a couple days...

Kyan..."how YOU doin?" (all you FRIENDS fans will get that.) Kyan is quite the lady's man. when our friend Kelly (or Aunt Kel) comes over he struts around and gives her the "eye"!!!
Braylen...always a ham for the camera. i'm not sure if he is aware that every picture he's in just about, he has his mouth open!!!
Kynsie...action shot. She was on her way to tackle daddy when he snapped the picture. I think she may end up being a roller-derby girl!

what is this world coming to? anyway...found some neat pictures of the kids and then a video of "keep away". it seems that Braylen found the drip tray for our George Foreman Grill and was playing with it, well Kyan thought it would be funny to take it and run. well what happened next was about 15 minutes of hilarious laughter and chasing, i managed to get a little bit on video with our digital camera (wouldn't you know that when i needed our video camera, the battery was dead!!!) so please excuse the poor video quality...but hey, i'm not steven spielberg.


OKeedokey said...

That video is so cute! Isn't it great to hear them laugh?

Annaka said...

Wow I haven't been to see how the kids were doing in a long time. I love hearing babies laugh!! They're adorable!