Tuesday, May 29, 2007

memorial day 07

welcome everyone to memorial day 2007. i hope that you had a great one and that you remembered someone who has served in the armed forces. Thank you to all the miltary people that might come across this blog. i hope you know that you are in our prayers and thoughts. Thanks for what you do.
ok...now here are some pictures of our memorial day celebration. we bought the kids a super-splash play-yard thingy at Target. you hook your water hose to it and it has a sprinkler like thing on it and it fills up like a pool. we also took the slide that we have and placed it into the pool. the boys thought that was grand, but Kynsie didn't quite care for the slide into the water.
below are some pictures we took...
Kynsie in her swim hat, it's a little big - but she'll grow into it!!
Braylen thinks you are supposed to climb up the slide!
Kyan likes the ring toss!!
Hey...the grass IS greener on that side of the fence.
Fun in the sun...Mommy and Braylen
Braylen looking at me like..."why do i have to wear this hat?"
Slide time...
After nap time that afternoon, we decided to let them play out in the turtle pool/sandbox thingy that we have. here are some pictures of that...
"if you're happy and you know it then your face will surely show it" (note the vein in the neck!!)

Kynsie Reese

hey dad, that's not right, let me help... someone told me i look like my uncle jonathan...
"what you lookin at dad"
Braylen sans swim trunks.

(we let them go in just their swim diapers. it's NOT a speedo)

I am the queen of the pool...
again with the 'happy' face...
the real happy face
kyan likes to dunk his head in the water just enough so that his bangs get wet and the water runs down his face...
kynsie giving mommy kisses
my two favorite girls in the whole world...kynsie and sunny...what a great picture.
Braylen getting tired...
another "happy" face...(he really is a happy child. at this moment, i believe that Braylen had stolen one of his toys. in case you can't tell...that is a no-no.)
hey dad...take the picture now...

here are a couple of pictures that i wanted to include. the first is a picture of a shirt that i got for Braylen. It says "I tried to be good...but I got bored". this fits this child to a T. he is constantly into something. he's so sweet.

here's the ham of the bunch. he loves the camera and will cheese it up all day. sometimes his whine (better known as a veloci-raptor cry) can get on your last nerve, but then you look at this face and tell me he isn't sweet.

i have some video that i will try and post when it is not 12:30 in the am. hope you all enjoyed the pics and have had a wonderful holiday. thanks for stopping by.

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Uncle Jonathan said...

i love these pics, I miss you guys so much. I hope you're doing well, and I hope to be able to see you real soon. They're growing up so much!