Tuesday, October 25, 2005

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ok, folks...here we are in week number 30 (and 2 days). There is a lot that needs to be told, so pull up a comfy chair, get some popcorn and hold on!!!

so we went to the doctor on thursday (last week) and things were fine. it was a relatively uneventful latter part of the week till the weekend. sunday night, sunny's blood pressure was a little up and it stayed up. so we called the doctor (who now has our number on speed dial) and he said to watch it and come in on Monday morning. so monday morning came and we were in the doctor's office. when we first arrived at the office...her blood pressure was 150/100!!! OH MY!!!! so they had her lay on her left side and it was much lower...than goodness. anyway, the doctor came in and talked to us about it. they drew blood to test for toxemia which is a dangerous form of high blood pressure in pregnant women. the test came out negative, but one of the levels was a little high, so they are going to retest when we go back on thursday. we have been monitoring it at home every hour (give or take) and it is still a little high, but the doctor told us that unless it wa 160/105, he would not worry to much. so, we are waiting to go back on Thursday.
we are in the home stretch of this great adventure called pregnancy (we think). the doctor did say on monday that if he had to guess, he would say that sunny would be in the hospital (to stay) within 7-10 days (regular days, not business days :) ) for the blood pressure...we don't think that the babies will come then necessarily (but anything is possible).
i am sorry for the delay in the pictures of the van, it is in the shop at CARMAX. when i bought it, there was condensation in the passenger headlight. the people there said that if i brought it back to them, they would fix it. so it is there. but i do promise that when i get it back, i will put some pictures up of it!
i think that is all for now. i will update again when we get back from the doctor on thursday.
thank you for all your prayers and concerns...

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Maggie said...

Advice...enjoy a few things now that you won't ever be able to do once your babies are here. Read, watch tv, and sleep. Glad everything is still going well.