Tuesday, October 18, 2005

thank you...

for all your prayers and thoughts. we came home from the hospital today and all seems to be well. i thought that i would post a picture or two from today and then give you an update.

in this picture she is feeling pretty good...notice the big smile on her face!!! however, i don't know how well you can feel when you are 29 weeks pregnant with triplets. i mean, she is measuring 41 weeks pregnant now. i can only imagine what it must feel like. The babies are getting to where they will push against you, or roll around and it is the neatest feeling. Last night in the hospital the nurse was trying to get a heartbeat on our little girl and she would kick the monitor and make it jump...it was so cool...the kick, not being in the hospital.

i will say this, the room on the labor and delivery floor was fantastic. it was very nice, however, i do not think that i would like to stay there for very long. the next time we go there, i hope it will be in a few weeks and we will have our babies!

i think this next picture is probably one of my favorite pictures yet...

i call it, "where did that come from?" or "are you kidding me?" i love it. you guys really can't tell, but it just looks like she has transplanted something onto her stomach. it is fairly large.

we go back to the dr. on thursday for a check up and a meeting with the dietician. i hope that they will give us good news. we also will have one of those tests that will tell us if Sunny will go into pre-mature labor (disclaimer--these tests are not 100% accurate, but give a pretty good idea). i will post what we find out when we find out.

OH, i almost forgot, we made a MAJOR step in our "parentalness" this weekend. We have now become a part of an elite parental group. it is a group that usually takes a while to enter in to. we became members of "THE MINI VAN GROUP" yep, that's right. we traded in our Civic for a 2003 Chevy Venture Van, Warner Bro. Edition. We got a really good deal on it and it has a middle row that can seat all three car seats. I will be posting pictures of it in a day or so...it has SO many buttons and whistles that i am going to have to read the manual for it! and the bad thing about it, is that i actually like it. THERE, I SAID IT. i want to all to know that I LIKE DRIVING A MINI VAN. (never thought i'd say that!)

now, i have to say this...this weekend marks a sad time of year. one weekend a year, Sunny and I are not friends. That sounds weird but if you know anything about college football you know that Alabama and Tennessee have a bitter rivalry. This weekend is that game. this year is a little different, for the first time in a long time, Alabama is 6-0. ROLL TIDE!!!! i think this year will be a BIG TIDE victory. The VOLS have beaten Alabama 9 of the past 10 years...THIS year will not be that way...my pick is Alabama by 2 touchdowns. Nuff said.

well, that is all for now folks...hope you have a great week...thank you again for the love and prayers.


Addie said...

glad to see everyone is good... love the pics and the updates

Maggie said...

WOW! This is so amazing. Glad that everything is still okay.