Sunday, May 08, 2011

Needle in a Haystack

Actually a Honda key in a strawberry patch....a really out in the boonies, 30 minutes from home, strawberry patch. Braylen & I spent about 30 minutes picking 12 lbs of strawberries and somewhere along the way, my key slipped out of its hiding place and landed among the strawberries. I didn't notice until it was time to go and the key was gone. So for 30 minutes, I looked and looked and retraced my steps. finally, I gave in and called Brandon. He called triple a, grabbed other 2 kids and started driving toward Egypt to come see us. The problem was that the van was locked and we have no extra key. So, that key had to be found or we were going to be about $130 to get AAA to make a new key on the spot. After 1.5 hrs of looking (with 10 other good Samaritan volunteers helping) Brandon found that key in the strawberry patch. COMPLETE MIRACLE. By that time I was so tired, sore, sunburned & had a stress headache so I was less impressed and more ready to go. My kids had consumed 1.5 lbs of strawberries and we were all ready to get home. Thankfully this had a happy ending. I am truly ready for this dark cloud to GO AWAY.

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