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How to Protect Yourself from the Flu & the Dangerous Flu Vaccine

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Autumn is in the air. The cool, crisp air, football games, falling leaves, pumpkins and of course the signs sprouting up everywhere advertising the ‘flu vaccine.’ And while autumn, winter, and the flu seem to go hand in hand there are steps you can take right now to protect yourself and loved ones from getting the flu this year. But beware – the flu vaccine isn’t the answer.

Influenza or the ‘flu’ as we call it is a contagious respiratory infection that is spread through coughing, sneezing, talking, or even touching surfaces contaminated with influenza. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) each year 24,000 people die from flu related complications.

(It’s important to note that this is the first year the CDC decreased its usual report of 36,000 people annually to 24,000. In their report Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the CDC admitted to exaggerating these numbers for the past years and now says that 24,000 is a more accurate number. Food for thought.)

According to the CDC, flu symptoms can include any or all of the following:
Sore throat
Runny nose
Body aches

The CDC, doctors, pharmacists, and drug stores promote the flu vaccine as the key way to avoid the flu and suffering from these uncomfortable symptoms. What you must know is that the flu vaccine has never been proven to ward off the flu or decrease its severity. When you get the flu vaccine you risk dangerous side effects too. In fact, some of these nasty side effects are much more to worry about than the flu.
Of even greater concern is that recent studies indicate that the flu vaccine is even less effective in the group it’s most pushed on who suffer the highest death rates from the flu – senior citizens.

According to Lisa Jackson, a doctor at the Group Health Center for Health Studies in Seattle, her research revealed that there was no difference in pneumonia deaths between seniors who got the flu vaccine and those who didn’t get one. Pneumonia is the number one complication that causes flu related deaths, particularly in senior citizens.

As medical researcher Neil Z. Miller states in his book Vaccines, Are They Really Safe & Effective?: Every year, health officials must guess which strains of the flu will circulate throughout society. When they guess right, and their vaccine contains flu strains matching that year’s circulating flu, the shot is about 35% effective in preventing that year’s flu in the elderly. When they guess wrong, the vaccine offers NO protection against the flu.

The flu vaccine is not just ineffective in seniors; it’s also never been proven to work in most of the population. But that hasn’t stopped the huge push for everyone to get one. In fact in an article published in the Wall Street Journal on August 25, 2010, it was reported that the U.S. government plans to spend $2 billion to produce between 160 million and 165 million doses of flu vaccines this year alone. This is more than ever before and part of the plan is to make these vaccines available faster than ever before.

Expediting millions of vaccines at increasingly faster rates is something that concerns me. With so much controversy already surrounding vaccines, including this year’s flu vaccine, it’s scary to think that the already limited testing for safety and side effects will become even more limited working under time pressures.

The CDC is now recommending that anyone older than six months (without extenuating circumstances) get the flu vaccine. This is simply a bad idea. First, it’s vital for you to know just what’s in the standard flu vaccine this year. You may be surprised. Next step is to make your own decision regarding the flu shot; don’t just jump on this bandwagon.
Seasonal Flu Vaccine: Do You Really Know What You’re Getting?
Despite the lack of evidence to support the effectiveness of the flu vaccine, the push to get one is the strongest it’s been in years. But what many unknowing consumers may find surprising is exactly what this seasonal flu shot contains.

First and foremost let’s go back one year ago to the panic that swept the nation in regards to swine flu and then the swine flu vaccine. Many people were experiencing severe side effects from this vaccine and there was concern about its safety.

Well guess what? This year’s standard flu shot contains that same swine flu vaccine, H1N1. It also contains the H3N2 vaccine which is a variation of the seasonal flu, and the influenza B vaccine. But that’s not all you’ll get. Vaccines come with mercury, formaldehyde, heavy metals, and other dangerous toxins. In fact mercury from vaccines is theorized to cause autism in children.

And while countries like Australia, Sweden, and Finland have banned the flu vaccine this year in anyone younger than five years of age, the U.S. continues to push the vaccine. You’re probably wondering why these countries have banned this supposedly safe vaccine? The reasons are side effects, mostly in the young. Severe side effects that young patients experienced after receiving it range from fever spikes to vomiting to narcolepsy. Yes, the H1N1 vaccine poses some serious concerns – and remember this is now in every dose of the standard flu shot.

Other serious reactions to the flu shot include life-threatening allergies to vaccine ingredients, as well as Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), a severe paralytic disease.

And these aren’t the only countries voicing concern over this years flu shot. As a result of concerns in European countries over the H1N1 vaccine, the European Union is now investigating this potentially dangerous vaccine. I certainly don’t feel safe putting any of this into my body; particularly when there are safe, all natural alternatives for avoiding colds and the flu.

Vaccines & the Immune System
The other major issue with vaccines is that they stimulate the wrong immune response in the body.

Without going into too much detail, our bodies have a TH1 immune response and a TH2 immune response. Vaccines stimulate the TH2 response in the body. This is more like an “emergency immune response.”
By having an immune system that is trained to respond with a TH2 response (which is inflammatory in nature), you then weaken your TH1 response (which is responsible for fighting viruses, parasites and cancer cells).
Staying Flu Free without the Flu Vaccine
There are a number of vital ways to stay flu free this season that won’t put you at risk for any of the potentially dangerous side effects of the flu vaccine. One of the most important immune system boosters is vitamin D. In fact, more and more people in the medical field are finally realizing that vitamin D deficiency can lead to a host of health problems.
Many people in the world are seriously vitamin D deficient. According to Dr. Holick, researcher and author of The Vitamin D Solution, this chronic and serious deficiency leads to osteoporosis, rickets, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and more.
During the winter months, coincidently also the flu months, many people where flu hits the hardest go for weeks on end without any sunlight. Sunlight is one of the best, if not the very best, source of vitamin D. In fact, studies show that when children take vitamin D3, they had lower incidents of flu and asthma attacks.
If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu this year the first thing to do is avoid the flu shot! Next find a high quality vitamin D3 supplement and start taking it now. I recommend Garden of Life’s RAW D3. Boost your intake of foods high in vitamin C during the winter months too. This can really help to strengthen your immune system and protect you from the flu today and chronic diseases tomorrow. Remember, when it comes to vitamin D, the best source is the sun. Engage in safe sun exposure, eat real foods, back up with vitamin D supplements, get plenty of rest, drink lots of pure water, and you’ll be feeling fine all winter long.

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