Friday, September 10, 2010

the Quiet One

Obviously, the title doesn't refer to me. I often wish it did. I have long admired my friends who are more quiet, less confrontational, easier to be with. I admire them. For a period in college I tried very hard to be just like one of them. I simply liked her a lot better than I liked me. As you can imagine, it didn't work. Never worked. I have long disliked that about myself. My compulsion to say what I think, when honestly you might not (probably don't) care. Perhaps that is why I blog? In some cases, I just want to prove my point or want to win the argument. Occasionally, I just want to be heard. Don't we all? But when it comes to 2 specific subjects, none of those things drive me.

If you are in my presence for very long more than once, the odds are high that one of two things will come up (if not both) Vaccines & Autism. If you have ears and children, and give me the opportunity, I'm going to talk to you about vaccines. It's controversial, and I know it, but I feel tell you what NO ONE TOLD ME. Kids can be harmed from vaccines. It happens everyday, and your kid isn't immune to that risk.

Education is powerful. Education is not the same as blind obedience. Education is not simply swallowing some one's propaganda. Education is not taking another person's word/promise as truth. Education is digging deep and doing the research for yourself. It involves using your God-given brain, your instinct and your reasoning & critical thinking skills. It involves time and effort. You might put in the time and effort and still vaccinate. That is obviously your choice and therefore the consequences are your responsibility. Let me tell you consequences can be hard to live with. And that truth is a driving force in my life. My children suffer because I blindly followed, believed, trusted a doctor. My children suffered at my hands, the result of my choice, my lack of research. Maybe I would have made all of the same choices, had I known then what I know now, but I doubt it. And I wake up to that every morning and go to sleep with it every night. Worse still, my kids wake up with the ramifications of that decision every morning and go to bed with it every night. It effects every facet of our lives. One seemingly small decision had a radical effect on the trajectory of our lives.

So, I am willing to make you uncomfortable and even angry with me if doing so will cause you to simply take pause and consider that there are alternatives to the current vaccine schedule and that there are resources that are not paid for by big pharma companies. You can go and do whatever you want after that, but I feel it is my job to at least tell you our story. I know what we are living with, and I have seen vaccines do FAR more damage than my kids experienced to CHILDREN WHOSE PARENTS I KNOW PERSONALLY. I have done my homework, and I sleep well at night. We have made our choice. It wasn't easy or ideal, but since vaccines screwed our kids' bodies up so badly, it was the only choice to make. You live with your own decisions.

I can't decide for you. All I can do is continue to show evidence, research, studies, data that mainstream news, the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, & vaccine manufacturers are not going to publicize. And I promise you that as long as I draw breath, I will be that clanging gong in the background. That will be me.

So, I hope this might clarify. I'm not looking for a fight. I have more than enough battles on a daily basis. I'm not looking to win. Couldn't care less. If one child is spared the trauma my kids have experienced from vaccines because I was willing to tell their story, it's worth it. The part of me that I have long disliked...that part that can not keep quiet, that feels compelled to speak out against injustice...that part of me refuses to be silent on this matter, perhaps its not so bad after all.

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Michelle said...

Let the truth and the floodgates open. You nor I will or other warrior parents will go unheard for much longer, God willing:

Government Awards Hannah Poling $1.5 Million in Vaccine Injury Case