Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hannah Poling

In case you've been living under a rock, Hannah Poling, a child who developed typically until 18 mos of age when she received her scheduled vaccinations and regressed into Autism, just got awarded $1.5 Million in damages because our government admits vaccines triggered her autism. But we are being told that this is a RARE case. Seriously? Is dumb A stamped on my forehead? Let's do the math here. Say, just for giggles that 50% of those 1 in 100 kids in America with Autism has vaccine-induced autism. Katie bar the door. It doesn't take a mathematician to figure out that financial awards would add up to a lot more than our national debt. So we all need to believe that it is rare. Forget that fact that most of my friends who have kids with autism ALSO had typically developing children who regressed after vaccines... forget that fact. They are all just liars, looking for someone to blame. Or maybe we are all just money hungry....but wait, only 1% of parents of kids with Autism even file vaccine injury claims. So perhaps its not the money after all. My kids are vaccine injured. Of that I am certain, but I have not filed any claim. I don't want their money. It's like blood money anyway and it can't give back what Autism has stolen, so what do I care about money? ALL I want is for our government and pharmaceutical companies, and jerks like Dr. Paul Offit to be made to TELL THE TRUTH. And I want them to have to say they are sorry for lying, misleading and harming thousands of children in the U.S and abroad with their actions, lies & propaganda. I want them to be made to apologize like I make my 4 yr-olds apologize. Make them be big boys and fess up. Jail time wouldn't hurt my feelings either, but I don't care a bit about their stupid money. I want truth & justice and I want it to be LOUD & HUMILIATING for them. Let's reference Tobacco companies for a moment. For years they promised (even under oath before congress) that cigarettes were not addictive or harmful, and based on scientific evidence, smoking was even good for people. More on that here & here.

So again, big powerful companies with LOTS of money to lose PROMISE that their products are safe and even good for Americans. To drive the point home, tobacco companies hire high end PR firms and spend millions on "good" PR with advertisements. Does any of this sound familiar? If not, take a quick glance in a parents magazine. You will no doubt see an ad recommending that you get a vaccine for yourself, your teenage daughter & now son for HPV, or that you get a DTaP for your baby, and they will equate such actions with love and good parenting. Propaganda in its truest form. Look in your Walgreen's or CVS ad. You will see a very pregnant woman getting a flu shot with a heart tattoo on her arm again suggesting bravery and love for her unborn child. When you don't have the facts behind you, tug at the heart strings. It is a very successful gimmick that even a 3 yr old knows works with parents, yet when it comes from someone in the "medical community" which is a very broad term, I might add, then we buy it hook line and sinker. So, it's a matter of time before these people pay the piper. I simply want to be there when it happens. I want ringside seats. Anyway, onto Hannah Poling and her not so rare vaccine-induced Autism.

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Ginger Taylor said...

I did the math. If ONLY 5000 of the 5,600 autism cases in the VICP pipeline were given Poling's award of the estimated 20 million for her lifetime (the award was apparently 1.5 mil for the first year, 500,000 per year there after) then that would cost HHS....


The entire international vaccine market is only 27 billion per year.

And there are 300,000 potential cases just in the US.

OF COURSE THEY ARE TRYING TO COVER THIS UP! The true payouts for vaccine damage would be in the trillions.