Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School = Blah!

Unlike many moms, I am NOT looking forward to school being in full swing. In fact, I already hate it. Yes, I recognize that I have a horrible attitude. I am working on it. And to my children, I act like school is so fabulous and so exciting, but I am not thrilled. Kyan's new teacher seems really nice. I do wonder how he will do for yet another year in a hodge podge class, with kids of all different disabilities. Time will tell, I suppose.

Kynsie & B have a new teacher but also have Miss Sarah as a sort of co-teacher. Love Miss Sarah. Jury is still out on the main teacher. She's nice enough, but definitely different from B's previous pre-k experience, and also different from special ed. Giving the kids their supplements seems like a real hardship, which is ridiculous. Takes 5 minutes for both. In addition, she wouldn't schedule the kids on the same days for staggered days. Everyone else on the planet realizes its nearly impossible to get 3 kids to school on different days, while maintaining sanity, and oh yeah, a job. Have I mentioned my loathing for public school? Yeah, maybe my attitude would be different if I only had one child, and maybe I would be a little less jaded had I not gone 10 rounds with this school to get my special ed kids what they need, even though the school is bound by law to provide it. Sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. PLUS,I a dreading this whole 4 & 5 days a week thing. I had babies to be with them, not to deposit them with someone else for 6 hours a day who may or may not share our values, views, priorities, etc. At least when choosing a babysitter, I had some element of control over whose care my children were in. Not so now. And I don't like it one bit.

So there you have it. My gripe. It is a repeat of another post, I know, but I am still not wearing my happy pants about school. Blech!

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