Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

I will graciously accept the award for the worst blogger on earth. I just needed a breather over the summer, so I took it. For those of you who pray for us and keep up with us from afar, I apologize. Thankfully, it has been a GREAT summer. I had some cute pictures to upload but something is screwy with my camera, so hopefully I can retrieve them another day. I want to catch you up on the goings on and the latest with us.

We have spent a lot of time this summer at the pool. Kids are doing great and are becoming so independent. Part of me is really struggling with this, even though I know it is natural, normal and healthy. It feels really final for me, since I don't know that I will ever talk Brandon into another baby. In my heart, I don't feel like that chapter in my life is over, but every day it feels more like that door is being slammed shut for me. :( So I try to encourage them to grow and not give in to my desire to keep them in my nest forever.

All of them are super chatty, and little social butterflies, which I love. They are all potty trained over night now, which is GLORIOUS! We continue to work on manners and sassy mouths are a challenge. I have little patience for that, so we are working on it.

BUT....the biggest thing is I just have to tell you about Kyan. Oh my. WOW! Miracle. Amazing. Those words can't even begin to describe the change in our little guy. If you have followed our journey for long, you know that there have been days (many of them) when I really wanted to return him at the service desk. Well, he's still a 4 yr old, so he can be a challenge, but he truly is a totally different kid. He is talking and understanding 10 times better than he was just in May. He rarely throws tantrums, and if he does, they are brief...the day is not ruined. He is handling new situations better, and is really fun to be with. In short, WOW!

School is beginning, and all 3 will be at the same school. I am NOT enjoying this one bit. Kynsie and B will be 5 days a week, and Ky will be 4. I am simply not ready to turn them over to other people for that many hours of the day, every day. And Braylen started crying tonight b/c he doesn't want to go back to his new school. It's pitiful.

There is no new news on Brandon's job situation. Hopefully something will come along soon. Cutie Tooties has had several prospective buyers, a few of them serious. I met with a man today who seems quite serious. I am praying and ask that you pray that the sale of the business goes through and is smooth. August is when you plan for January, and since my lease ends 12/31/10, a new person needs to be in charge 01/01/11. So the time is now for a new buyer to make a commitment and get the ball rolling. Will keep you posted.

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hey, i've been here before!

way to go, kyan! and way to go, mom and dad for all of your perseverance.

good luck w/ the sale of your business. i'll say a prayer for you.

much respect...jco