Thursday, July 22, 2010

Praying for Lucy!

The bad news always seems to come quickly and immediately after a really uplifting and positive update. Yesterday, I was praising her progress, but today I am asking for major prayers! It appears she has developed Stage 1 ROP (retinopathy of prematurity), which is a potentially serious eye condition that only affects premature babies. There are 5 different stages of ROP, with Stage 5 being complete retinal detatchment and blindness. Right now, we are on Stage 1. My nurse told me today that some babies can stay at Stage 1 for a while before it corrects itself, and other babies can continue to worsen and require treatment. She said, too, that it can progress very quickly into Stage 3. Once a baby is at Stage 3, they will do laser surgery immediately to correct it. After it has progressed to Stage 4 or 5, there is little they can do. So this is where your prayers are needed!! Please pray that this will not continue to develop, and that it will start to correct itself soon. The eye doctor will monitor her closely with weekly exams.


MoDLin said...

I know this can be scary, but stage 1 ROP often does correct itself. It's amazing. I will certainly keep this positive vision for Lucy.

All About the Bailey's said...

Sunny who is checking "funny" on this or am I just seeing things wrong? I will pray for this precious sorry to hear this.