Monday, June 07, 2010

Prayers for Lucy

Meet Lucy.

She is a little over 1 week old and has done a lot of living in her little life. She is a real trooper, but she really needs your prayers. Lucy has had some trouble with apnea episodes, even on assisted breathing devices, and doctors are concerned that she has an infection. She is on 3 different types of antibiotics right now, which is a lot for a little body. Of course any time a baby stops breahing it is terrifying for mom and dad. This is typical for preemies, but there is nothing *normal* about it as a parent. Please pray for Greg & Katie (parents) and especially for baby Lucy. She really needs those prayers now.

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MoDLin said...

Absolutely! It's a very tough time for all of them.
If you think it would help, you might suggest they visit the March of Dimes community for parents of preemies called Share Your Story: Many folks find it very supportive to talk with others in a similar situaton.