Monday, June 28, 2010

Playing Catch Up

A lot has happened since I last posted, little of it of any consequence, but for those who lives far away, I thought I would at least give a few updates.

Kynsie and Braylen are doing great at their church day camp 2 days per week--it is basically preschool in the summer. Not sure why they call it camp, but the kids love it. Initially, we had a PECS picture schedule for her to follow to manage her anxiety, but she never referred to it and didn't need it. So she's just a typical kiddo in the class, and that makes my heart smile.

Kyan is doing ok this summer. We have had more days of colossal meltdowns than days without, but so far we are surviving. He drains us. There is no other way to describe it. The last few days have been more peaceful than the weeks preceding, but we have little to attribute that to. We have done PECS schedule at home, but while he initially seemed very interested, now he has little interest. Our daily routine is usually pretty basic, so he seems less dependent on the PECS, but we are still trying to use it. After 6+ hours working on it, I would like to think it is helpful. He has been doing some speech therapy and his therapist said "He's a joy to work with. I work with a LOT of preschoolers and he is just great...."she went on and on about how sweet and cooperative he is, and how he is making nice progress. This is a double-edged sword though. On one hand--yay! for good news. On the other hand, why does he act like Satan at home? I wish I knew. If you have a hypothesis or remedy, you just let me know, but be warned, for the last 2.5 years me, his dad, my mom, Barbara, Patty, Diana, Yolanda, Jaye, and NOW Kelly have all tried to "Straighten him out" and/or figure out this behavior, what triggers it, and how to resolve it for good, and all of us seem to have failed miserably. At this point I can only pray that time will be kind to us and that maturity and age will help. If not, begin preparing my room in the loony bin, because I bound for it eventually.

I announced that I am selling Cutie Tooties to my customer base and several people have expressed interest, so now I have to work with the broker to get the final price and see where we go from there. Please say a prayer for us during this process. It seems overwhelming, but I am just trusting that God will work it out.

In other kid news-we survived vacation Bible school and also visited Wilderness Lodge in Sevierville last week and they LOVED it. Of course no pictures. I have been horrible about that this summer. Kids are continuing to enjoy swimming and playing with their cousins. I will do my best to take some pics and post soon. Brandon is building their play set, which will certainly require pictures to show off his hard work. My garden is doing well, but I am fighting a persistent rabbit who loves peas, lettuce and now green beans. His friend dined in my garden and go so fat that he couldn't squeeze back under the fence, but he died trying. :( Brandon had to deal with the aftermath. YUCKO!

That's basically it for us. No deep thoughts for now. More to come. hopefully sooner rather than later!

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Michelle said...

"if you have a hypothesis or remedy".

. . I am trying homeopathy with my son with some quick, exciting intitial results. I need to consult a homeopath, though. Pierre Fontaine and Paul Herscu have treated children on the spectrum and we might see one of them. They do skype consults if a person cannot travel.

It's hard to wrap your mind around homeopathy, but it works if you get the correct remedy! :)