Monday, March 22, 2010

You Gonna Eat That?

If you have been following us for long, you know that I am a bit of a worrier. HA! But I am also a HUGE advocate of educating yourself and asking questions. *Thanks Mom & Dad for not killing me when I literally questioned the way in which you breathe*. Seriously, being strong-willed, confident, and a bit suspicious of anyone who says trust me. this is what is best for you is a gift from my parents. They managed to survive me and not crush all of that independence, for which I am grateful. I try to remember to offer that grace to my kids. It is HARD, but I try.

Now onto the point. I have posted here before about the junk that is in our food, but now there is more to talk about. In case you missed it, Jamie Oliver (also known as The Naked Chef-And no, he doesn't cook in the Nude. ) has started something called the Food Revolution. It is a show that is airing on ABC. Jamie's belief is that American students are entitled to wholesome, nutritious meals at school. So he is taking on schools in the most at-risk areas and attempting to turn the Titanic around by convincing them to make changes to help steer their children onto a better course for a healthy life. This show is a MUST WATCH for parents.

Check out the show and consider signing Jamie's Petition that will be shared with our President.

And finally, my challenge for you today.
Before you feed your child (or yourself) something from a box, bag, or wrapper today, READ THE INGREDIENTS. If there is something on there that you can not pronounce, OR that you need a dictionary to identify, TOSS IT.

There are MANY "ingredients" in our food that aren't even food at all. They are chemicals. Don't believe me? Check it out yourself. Prepare to be shocked.


lesliemarie said...

Because of you I've been reading a lot more labels. And buying a lot more whole foods! Josh said the other day, "how come there's never coupons for the stuff you buy (meaning fruits and veggies)?" lol! We're getting ready to split a cow with my dad from a local farmer whom we know didn't feed or drug it with any chemicals/antibiotics! Thanks for being an advocate! :) (um, but I can't lay off the Cadbury eggs...guess I'll have to take my chances there ;)

Tothblog said...

I'm reading this and eating an ice cream cone!

Tracey said...

This is such a great show idea and so needed. Thanks for posting as I did not get to watch the episode. When we went GFCF I became such a huge label reader. I was feeding my kids junk before GFCF. I am so happy to see this for American children.