Monday, March 29, 2010


If you live in America and eat *food*, you seriously need to watch Food Inc.

I assure you that even the most educated of you will be completely shocked and probably horrified at some of the practices in our food processing in this country. I mean, who knew that ammonia kills bacteria so well that one of the big meat packing companies who provides beef for a huge portion of fast food restaurants would spray all of its beef with AMMONIA befre packing it up and sending out to restaurants and the clueless public?

Have you evcr read the label on a bottle of Ammonia? What is Ammonia?

Have you ever heard of Monsanto? You need to know about Monsanto if you eat food in the U.S.

Bottomline, we all need to know what we are consuming and what we are feeding our children. This movie is disturbing. I walked away feeling like we have been had, and there is enough blame to go around....and around a few more times. Bottom line, our government, FDA, and the powers that be have their thumbs on farmers and they are given very few options. As a result, we are given bigger, shinier, cheaper, more toxic *food* every day. And our country just keeps getting fatter and sicker, but instead of looking for the sources of these problems, we just medicate. It is much easier to take a pill than to change a lifestyle, but is easier really all that we strive for? Is easy and convenient truly the pinnacle for people? If so, that makes me sad. Don't get me wrong, I like easy. I yearn for it often, but I don't mistake easy for best, and hope none of us does.

Regardless of your thoughts oncurrent government and agricultural procedures, and the state of our food supply, watch the movie or read the book, or both. THEN make your judgement. You can rent Food Inc. at Blockbuster or purchase it at

Here's the website with more information. You can watch the Food Inc. trailer there.

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